10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta. Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta, which means The Discourse on the Lion-roar of the. 1 Sutta summary and highlights. SUTTA SUMMARY. The Cakka,vatti Sīha, nāda Sutta (D 26) gives an account of the wheel- turner or universal monarch. In illustration of his dictum that one should rely on oneself, the Buddha gives a detailed account of the fall of a kingly lineage of the past, and the subsequent.

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Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta (DN 26) – Paliesque

Here, a monk abides contemplating body as body, ardent, clearly aware and mindful, having put aside hankering and fretting for the world, he abides contemplating feelings as feelings, Be moderate in eating.

Mendicants, you should roam inside your own territory, the domain of your fathers. Having gone forth, he will remain alone, in seclusion, ardent, caokavatti and resolute, and before long he will have cwkkavatti in this very life, by his own super-knowledge and resolution, that unequaled goal of the holy life, for the sake of which young men of good family go forth from the household life into hermit life, and will abide therein.

You, my son, take over control of this ocean-bounded land. If he does so, then on the uposatha day that Wheel Treasure sihanasa appear to him too. But he did not go to the royal sage and ask him about the duties of a wheel-turning monarch.

The Lion’s Roar on the Turning of the Wheel (Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta)

Among them, kudrusa-grain will be the chief food, just as rice and curry are today. Ask us, Your Majesty, and we will tell you!

Happiness is interpreted as detachment by the Buddha, which is perfected by the practice of the Four Jhanas. And for a second time, and a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh time, a wheel-turning monarch was established in exactly the same way.

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Sihabada then concludes with the following advice: Now it is time for me to seek heavenly pleasures. He will teach the Dhammalovely in the beginning, lovely in its middle, in the spirit and in the letterand proclaim, just as I do now, the holy life in its fullness and purity.

Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta (DN 26)

They meditate spreading a heart full of compassion … rejoicing … equanimity to one direction, cakkkavatti to the second, and to the third, and to the fourth. Sattha is sword; antarakappa is a period included in another period.

Doing what leads to my lasting welfare and happiness? And after many hundreds and thousands of years the man saw that the sacred Wheel-Treasure had slipped from its position.

He was brought before the Suttta, who asked caikavatti Do not tell lies. DubbhikkhantarakappaRogantarakappa, and Satthantarakappa, caused by greed, delusion and hatred respectively. Thus he dwells suffusing the whole worldupwards, downwards, across – everywhere, always with the mind filled with equanimityabundant, unbounded, cakkvaatti hate or ill-will. Do not tell lies. And so, mendicants, from not paying money to the penniless, all these things became widespread—poverty, theft, swords, killing, lying, backbiting, sexual misconduct, harsh speech and talking sihannada, desire and ill will, wrong view, illicit desire, immoral greed, and wrong thoughts, and lack of due respect for mother and father, ascetics and brahmins, and failure to honor the elders in the family.

These consist in cultivating naked attention directed toward the body, feelings, mind, and mind-objects. The 8th king however did not follow the duties of a wheel-turning monarch and ruled according to his own ideas.

DN The Wheel-Turning Monarch—Bhikkhu Sujato

The monarch told his man should the sibanada wheel-treasure slipped sutfa its position, he should report this matter to him. Accidents also seem to be excluded. RD, in another brilliant introduction in which he develops his theory of Normalism the belief, in contrast to Animism, in a certain rule, order, or lawfails to analyse the structure of this fable which is what, rather than a fairy-tale, it really is. Rule us, Your Majesty.


He will have over a thousand sons who are valiant and heroic, crushing the armies of his enemies. He also gave property to a second man who stole thinking if that will get them out of poverty and reduce thefts. The age, perhaps cakkavathi 80, suta hence, when humanity has finally achieved greatly enhanced human longevity, disease is nearly unknown, and prosperity is universal, characterized by high-density housing and a large population with many cities the text says that it is as crowded as hell!

May I become such a monarch! Copy link Copy table Cite.

That is the power of a monk who has realized. Have Buddhists been taking refuge in the wrong thing all this time? Those people who lived for 1, years had children who lived for five hundred years.

He will thoroughly know by his own super-knowledge, and proclaim, this universe with its devas and maras and Brahmas, its ascetics and Brahmins, and this generation with its princes and people, just as I do now.

If you do so, your life-span will increase, your beauty will increase, your happiness will increase, your wealth will increase, your power caokavatti increase.

By frequently practicing these four roads to power he can, if he wishes, live for a full century, or the remaining part of a century. Then the anointed king, rising from his seat and arranging his robe over one shoulder, took a ceremonial vase in his left hand and besprinkled the wheel-treasure with his right hand, saying: View original text with translation This only works with certain texts, which include translations by Sujato and Brahmali. Doing what leads to my lasting harm and suffering?