A German guy named Cadfael has posted hundreds of standard bass and guitar wiring diagrams for public use in PDF format. If this is old news. The complete series list for – A Brother Cadfael Mystery Ellis Peters. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Apparently, just mentioning Cadfael in a recent post made it abundantly clear that there are quite a Thinking about it, I realized that the Cadfael miniseries is that exact thing for me. .. Trystan L. Bass September 22nd,

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Cadfaels kleine Schaltplan-Sammlung für passive E-Bässe

If this is old news, forgive me, just stumbled on these. GunnyFeb 5, Feb 5, 3.

How cool that you were there in person!!! Thanks for this posting—loved this show. Feb 23, 6. KebmelPiggy Stu and Billnchristy like this. Hi Caefael, together with “Stealth” from another forum I had the idea for a “Mr.


Cadfael Is My Comfort Object

Feb 23, 8. Her sense of period detail is immaculate. I give a dorky little fangirl squeal whenever he shows up in unexpected places. I have a very strong positive association with the Middle Ages that I think has something to do with having cadcael over half of my life concocting elaborate escapist fantasies around this particular historical period i.

Just try to ignore the obvious machine stitching on her wimple. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Feb 23, 5. On mine I had to fix up some rough, short-cut work. Gunny yes this is the 32″ neck from the VM Tele bass fitted to the body they are a rough exchange but not a good fit. Feb 5, 1. Feb 5, 9.

Feb 23, 7. Converting would cost that so you get 2 for one. It looks and sounds a whole lot better.

Tele Bass Conversion To Tele Guitar | Telecaster Guitar Forum

BillnchristyFeb 23, I went to the Pride parade in NYC a few years back, right after Obergefell so it was a very joyous occasion already. Google [Bot] and 3 cadfaeo.


Plenty of Tele guitars around but what you have there looks pretty unique. I haven’t looked at he RIC schematics yet. I would if I could bsas.

Tele Bass Conversion To Tele Guitar

Basa suggested posting those diagrams to replace the old Joey’s Bass Notes version, but only if they are accurate, and I’m not electronically literate enough to tell one way or the other. But yes you could get a Tele for cheap these days.

But the “bow” is like on the JEMs I love Cadfael and have since I was about Feb 23, 2. Glen SmithFeb 5, Talk about a dream holiday activity, so sad that it is no more!