Cabezas colosales olmecas. Responsibility: Beatriz de la Fuente. Edition: 1. ed. Imprint: México, D.F.: El Colegio Nacional, Physical description: p. Jul 23, XI – Olmec – Las cabezas colosales olmecas son por lo menos diecisiete representaciones monumentales de piedra de cabezas humanas. Cyphers Anne «Las cabezas colosales», Arqueología Mexicana, II (12), pp. Escultura olmeca de San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, UNAM, Mexico.

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Algunas de las cabezas colosales Olmecas – Picture of Anthropology Museum, Xalapa

They represent bald individuals, naked with the possible exception of small earplugs and a collar; their puffy closed eyes are interpreted as those of dead persons. The nose is broad even at its base and, at the end, it is flattened with two nostrils indicated by round depressions.

A naturalist portrait is individual as far as the artist seeks to reproduce the idiosyncratic features of a persona.

A helmet with chinstrap tops olmeczs mask. Take the heavily pitted face on which Coe and Diehl have counted sixty pits of Mon. Alternatively, the backs of many of these massive monuments may have been flattened to ease their transport, [34] providing a stable form for hauling the monuments with ropes.

Olmec megalith transport routes: The head was discovered by Matthew Stirling inface down in a gully to the south of the principal mound. The head is very well preserved and displays a fine finish. Agrandir Original jpeg, 1,4M. It is a very important issue inasmuch as true portraits demonstrate the perception of a human being as an individual.

Belize, Guatemala, Collsales, and El Salvador.


cabezas colosales-olmecas

In the absence of any draught animals, the transportation of these blocks, on rafts in waterways and dragged over logs on earth, required considerable and well coordinated human efforts. Retrieved 15 September Propongo que los olmecas apreciaban las estatuas antropomorfas que incorporaban rasgos del jaguar y despreciaban el estilo muy naturalista de las cabezas colosales. The following other wikis use this file: The right hand earspool also appears incomplete; the forward portion is marked with a sculpted line while the rear portion has been sculpted in relief, probably indicating that the right cheek and eye area were also unfinished.

The lips are thick and slightly parted; the front of the lower lip has broken away completely, [67] and the lower front of the headdress is pitted with 27 irregularly spaced artificial depressions. The only sculptures that have not been vandalized are the colossal heads, although Coe and Cabezax ibid. Olmecad each side of the monument a strap descends from the headdress, passing in front of the ear.

Palace, East Court, on both sides of stairway leading to Str. Naturalism or realism is often seen as cbezas top end of the evolution of any art; as a consequence, it is also assumed that conventional, conceptual, stylized or abstract art came first, before developing into realism. Olmec head or colossal head labeled as number 1 in the Xalapa’s museum of Antropology. It was installed in Belmopan at the roundabout facing the Embassy of Mexico.

Like at La Venta, the sculptures that figured corpses and severed heads were placed on the margins of the site. These emergence monuments are of two kinds; on one, the person emerging from a niche representing the maw of the earth monster with feline attributes holds cahezas his lap a were-jaguar baby, while dignitaries are depicted in olmecax on the cilosales of the sculpture.


Catálogo de cabezas colosales olmecas – Google Books

The headdress is of a single piece without a distinct headband. World of Art series 3rd ed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although most of the facial detail is lost, the crinkling of the bridge of the nose is still evident, a feature that is common to the frowning expressions of the other Olmec colossal heads.

In Mesoamerica, more importance olmedas oftentimes given to captives or victims, than to their victors. Generally, these idiosyncrasies are irregularities or defects in shapes or proportions of individual features. Retrieved from ” https: Omlecas Olmec civilization developed in the lowlands of southeastern Mexico between and BC. The nature and degree of the control exercised by the centres over a widespread rural population remains unclear.

The head sports large earflares that completely cover the earlobes, although severe erosion makes their exact form difficult to distinguish.

Journal of Field Archaeology. Basalt being in the Gulf area a rare and expensive material, it may have occurred in a few instances that an obsolete monument was turned into a sculpture of a different type. The face is that of an ageing male with the forehead creased in a frown, wrinkles under the eyes, sagging cheeks and deep creases on either side of the nose.