The PDF document can be generated from the print document by using the // Event handler to save the PrintDocument page as image. Save PrintDocument to Image: Need help understanding this procedure. For that I use PrintDocument, for preview PrintPreview. I have a Could you tell me how to save printdocument to PDF format, please??.

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I don’t think it is possible or it would be way too difficult or complicated to save it as a word document.

PrintDocument to PDF (via PDFcreator)

Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters. PrintDocument my document is constructed a similar way. The images represent pages in the document, and are scaled and displayed in the control just like any regular Printodcument object.

I have read many of your posts and have found your advice quite helpful. To fix this, we would have to check that the current paper size and orientation match the preview image size before printing each page and adjust orintdocument printer settings if necessary.

Without this call, the dialog would stop operating until the whole document finishes rendering.

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But I wonder what else prkntdocument you do with a PrintDocument besides printing it? Easy to save as single page documents within C code. What I did was to put the print code into a sub with an object reference. PowerPoint for C XDoc. Open, view, annotate, redact, convert documents online in CVB.

That is left as an exercise for the reader. The code that creates the page previews looks like this this code is simplified for clarity, refer to the source for a better version: Excel for C XDoc. Prinfdocument is just as easy to use as the standard PrintPreviewDialogbut has the following enhancements: I am using fonts that are also prinydocument microsoft word.


PDF files can be posted on the web, distributed by e-mail, and viewed or printed almost anywhere. I should have used this method from the beginning. Read the question carefully. Dim Bmp As Bitmap. When the user clicks the “Print” button, the dialog shows a PrintDialog so the user can select the printer, page range, or change his peintdocument and cancel the printing.

NET assemblies to your C project reference. NET Imaging SDK also can be employed to streamline image and document processing for a wide variety of industries and document types. DoEvents method to keep the dialog responsive to user actions while the document renders. I am sure I should understand what you mean but I don’t. NET Imaging SDK is a pre-configured, high-end image and document toolkit designed to offer fast, high-end image and document viewing, manipulation, saving, printing and scanning solutions without the need to download printdocu,ent additional controls on end-user side.

Raster How to C: Printdoccument developers to save customized images as black and white, grayscale or color images with appropriate settings. The document event handlers are listed below. It hasn’t changed since. As showed in the following guide tips, users need to create a C. I have provided a reference in my answer. I do have a probably stupid question.

[RESOLVED] Can I create an image from my print document information?

The content you requested has been removed. Dim G As Graphics.


This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. One easy way to solve this problem is to convert the page images into streams. Is there a way to print to the PrintDocument and then save the contents of the PrintDocument as an image?

Here is the code that gets called when users click the “Page Layout” button:. There are lots of Graphics. Note that the Add method disposes of the image after storing it. By using our swve, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Dicom for C XImage. You instantiate the control, set the Document property to the PrintDocument you want to preview, then call the dialog’s Show method.

With that in mind, you could port your code to create a PNG. The code that creates the page previews looks like this this code is simplified for clarity, refer to the source for a better version:.

Online view, annotate, redact, edit, process, convert PDF documents asp. Understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar. The default print controller creates Graphics objects for the default ot and is not interesting in this case. Look a the following reference: The control creates a list of images which can be exported to other formats including PDF.

If it works, it is the correct way.

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