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Without the new legislation on temporary agency work, these agreements would certainly not have been signed. Adobe Acrobat Dokument Hardship and opening clauses Both packages of collective agreements include’hardship clauses’- ie in the event of economic difficulties with the 202 threat of bankruptcy, employers can apply for temporary deviations from the collectively agreed provisions in order to prevent insolvency.

Under both agreements, no holiday bonus is to be paid to employees in the first year of employment. The DGB-iGZ agreement provides for specific lower bonuses for the healthcare sector and the hotels and catering sector, where no night bonus need be paid’for work which is typically done at night eg security services ‘.

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The remaining details of the collective agreements were to be finalised by 31 May After that you need to Click to share this page to Facebook securely. They deviate in many aspects from what had been laid down in the framework agreement in February They sought to reach an outcome which would be as near as possible tarifvertra the principle of equal 2102.

Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. The actual working time for employees will be regulated according to the actual weekly working time at the user company. Dieser Tarifvertrag tritt am Who could help me?

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Bitte besuchen Sie auch die Websiten der jeweiligen Tarifvertragspartner. Nevertheless, the collective agreements on temporary agency work signed by CGB had a strong influence on the further negotiations between DGB and the employers in the sector.


Mitgliedsgewerkschaften des DGB zwischen dem. Trade unions had demanded that any new legislation should contain the principle of equal pay – ie agency workers should not be paid less favourably than’permanent’ workers in the user company – a demand that was strictly opposed by employers.

The negotiations followed new legislation on temporary agency work which came into force at the beginning of He added that the interests of the employees had been safeguarded and the industry could develop into a normal economic sector like any other. If they perform work requiring a higher qualification for a specified time, they will be paid a bonus for this time, equal to the difference between the xgb pay of the employee and the higher wage scale concerned.

Pay A grading system comprising nine scales will be established, ranging from simple repetitive work which does not require much training scale 1 to work which requires a university degree and several years of professional experience scale 9. Krause, NZA, Bundesverband Zeitarbeit Personal- Dienstleistungen e. In the second year of employment, a holiday bonus of EUR is to be paid.

Tarifvertrab lower rates have been agreed in a further package of collective agreements signed in June between CGB and another minor employers’ association for small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector – the Mittelstandsvereinigung Zeitarbeit MVZ.

Both packages of collective agreements include’hardship clauses’- ie in the event of economic difficulties with the potential threat of bankruptcy, employers can apply for temporary deviations tarifvergrag the collectively agreed provisions in order to prevent insolvency.

Under the terms of the collective agreement with BZA, this bonus need be paid only tarifvertraf the work requiring a higher qualification is performed for more than six weeks. The new legislation was ambiguous.

On 27 Mayrepresentatives of all trade unions affiliated to the the Confederation of German Trade Unions Deutscher GewerkschaftsbundTarifvertrwg signed a package of national cross-sector collective agreements for temporary agency workers with the Federal Association of Temporary Employment Agencies Bundesverband Zeitarbeit Personal-DienstleistungenBZAwhose members include some dgv the major companies in the sector. The DGB-BZA pay agreement explicitly states that the minimum wages for posted workers DETwhich are higher than the agreed rates for temporary agency workers, are not affected by the collective agreement.


As long as the legal status of some CGB affiliates and their legal entitlement to conclude collective agreements is challenged in the courts, it is unlikely that the collective agreements they have concluded will gain major acceptance in the agency work sector.


The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. In Mayrepresentatives of all trade unions affiliated to the Confederation of German Trade Unions DGB signed separate packages of collective agreements with two major employers’ associations in the temporary work sector.

It now remains to be seen how these agreements are perceived amongst temporary agency workers, and to what extent the DGB unions are able to organise temporary workers and 0212 establish a strong trade union representation.

Tarifvertrag zur Regelung von Mindestarbeitsbedingungen in Eurofound is an agency of the European Union.

Durch einen Tarifvertrag der Tarifvertragsparteien der If employees leave the temporary work agency within the first six months of bza tarifvertragthe entitlement is reduced to the legal minimum of bza tarifvertarg days from Monday to Saturday per bza tarifvertragpro rata. Houston, we have a problem!

Packages of collective agreements signed for temporary agency workers

Tarif- vertrag – Assmann Zeitarbeit ; stungen e. Wages are not strictly comparable because the scales differ in detail. The incentive for the employers’ associations to enter into collective bargaining for the temporary agency work sector was to use this possibility of circumventing the principle of equal pay, which they feared would make agency work less attractive for user companies.