In this article [show] BSNL TTA Junior Engineer Syllabus Pattern Books to Read Click Here for BSNL JTO Total Info: BSNL Information & Guidance. Post Last Updates: Saturday, December 10, @ PM. BSNL JTO Exam Pattern. BSNL holds the examination for Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) every year . Get Latest & Updated BSNL Syllabus & BSNL Exam Pattern Online from this page. Download Complete BSNL JTO/JE/JAO/MT Syllabus.

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Built up sections and frames. Recently, there has been an announcement for the recruitment of candidates for the post of JTO Junior Telecom Officersall over the India. Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators.

By achyut sarraf in forum Questions. Sc in Maths graduate with Diploma in software engineering?

Please type your question or comment here and then click Submit. HiThank you for sending me all the document. I want to know detail syllabus c. Design of Industrial roofs. I have done B-tech bnl IT information technology please send me syllabus of JTO exam and previous years question papers.

Characteristics and performance analysis. May I Allegeable for this exam? The syllabus of JTO is attached below. Respecteded sir, i am doing B. Transient and steady-state stability of power systems.

What is the syllabus of BSNL JTO exam for Computer Science & Engineering students?

Also provide tips to get through the Exam? Network Theorems and applications. Properties of soils, classification and interrelationship, Compaction behaviour, method of compaction and their benl, Permeability and seepage, flow nets, Inverter filters, Compressibility and consolidation ,shearing resistance, stresses and failure, SO testing in laboratory and in-situ, Stress path and applications, Earth pressure theories, stress distribution in soil, soil exploration, samplers, load tests ,penetration tests.


Elements of non-linear control analysis.

Types of AC mill-voltmeters-Amplifier rectifier and rectifier amplifier Block bsnp explanation of a basic CRO and a triggerd sweep oscilloscope, front panel controls; Impedance Bridges and Q-Meters; Principles of working and specifications of logic probes, signal analyzer and logic analyzer, signal generator, distortion factor sgllabus, spectrum analyzer. Economics and operating factors. Design of connections of simple members. Pulse code modulation and demodulation.

Transducers and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc.

Syllabus of BSNL JTO Exam for computer science & engineering?

Mail will not be published Required. The candidate’s comprehension and understanding of General English shall be tested through simple exercises. Originally Posted by Unregistered Sir. Basic concepts, standards and error analysis; Measurements of basic electrical quantities and parameters; Electronic measuring instruments and their principles of working: Classification of surveys, scales, accuracy, Measurement of distances-direct and indirect methods, optical and electronic devices, Measurement of directions, prismatic compass, local attraction, Theodolites-types Measurement jro elevations, Spirit and trigonometric levelling, Relief representation, Contours, Digital elevation modelling concept, Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing measurements and adjustment of observations, computation of coordinates, Field astronomy, concept of global positioning system, Map preparation by plane tabling and by photogrammetry, Remote sensing concepts, map substitutes.

Root locus and Nicols chart and the estimation of gain and phase margin.


Syllabus of BSNL JTO Exam for computer science & engineering?

Basic concepts of compensator design. Microprocessor architecture – Bnsl set and simple assembly language programming. Plane-Wave propagating in dielectric and conducting media. Time lag, hysteresis lineartty concepts; Self regulating and non self regulating control systems.

Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities Electronic measuring instruments Error analysis Measurement standards Measurements of basic electrical quantities Transducers Working principles of measuring instruments.

Pls send it to me and pls send me the study notes for bsnl jto preparation to me and i am looking forward to it Network, Filters and Transmission Lines:. Computer science engineers are having the high demand in the present technology. Basic concepts in rotating machines. Fluid properties, pressure, thrust, Buoyancy, Flow Kinematics, integration, of flow equation, Flow measurement, Relative motion, Moment of momentum, Viscosity, Boundary layer and control, Drag, Lift, Dimensional analysis, Modelling, Cavitations, Flow oscillations, Momentum and Energy principles, in open cannel flow, Flow control, Hydraulic jump, Flow section and properties, Normal flow, Gradually varied flow, Flow development and losses in pipe flows, Measurements, Siphons, Surges and Water hammer, Delivery of Power Pipe networks.

Passive components and characteristics, Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors; Ferrites, Quartz crystal, Ceramic resonators, Electromagnetic and Electromechanical components.