BSCS (Business Support & Control System) is a complete solution for rating, billing and doing CRM for telecom operators. BSCS is a product of Ericsson. Commonly known a “Telephone Billing Software”, Telecommunications billing is the group of Telecommunications billing system is an enterprise application software designed to support the telecommunications billing processes. Telecom Billing Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Telecom Billing in simple and easy Postpaid Billing Types, Introduction, system Architecture, Product & Services.

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Retrieved from ” https: BSCS iX is installed at over operators in 80 countries, supporting more than million subscribers.

They can also market innovative convergent product bundles that include both content and network services. The ability to offer a single bill and single point of customer care for all services provides the customers of CSPs the simplicity and convenience they demand.

Public interfaces simplify integration with other external systems, such as customer relationship management CRM and enterprise resource planning ERPand enable the use of enterprise application integration EAI middleware platforms. In postpaid service model there are no bilping requirements to decrease a balance of a customer account in real time, in this case charging scheduled to be rarely, usually, once per month.

At the same time, customers benefit from control over their own spending, and can feel confident in trying out new services. In the broad sense, when billing and revenue management BRM is considered as a single process bundle, as special functional areas could be picked out revenue assurancesgstem managementfraud management. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


BSCS iX | ApnaTech

bscw Information management area unites functions that responsible to support customer information, product and service data, pricing models, including their possible combinations, as well as billing configuration data, such as billing cycles schedules, event triggers, bill delivery channels, audit settings, data archiving parameters.

BSCS iX is an billin billing and customer care software for telecom services providers. Archived from the original PDF on Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Reduced Cost of Operations A single platform for all subscribers, partners, technologies and services provides an optimized system and reduces operational costs. A convergent architecture allows CSPs to offer integrated multi-play services supported by a single bill.

Business software Telecommunications systems Telecommunications Billing Systems. Operations area includes functions of capturing usage records depending on the industry it can be call detail recordscharging data recordsnetwork traffic measurement data, in some cases usage data could be prepared by telecommunications mediation systemrating consumption determining factors, significant for further calculation, for example, calculating total time of calls for each tariff zones, count of short messagestraffic summary in gigabytesapplying prices, tariffs, discounts, taxes and compiling charges for each customer account, rendering bills, managing bill delivery, applying adjustments, maintaining of customer account.

Views Read Edit View syetem. Communication service providers, which operates with multiple services in multiple modes used to integrate in one bill all charges, unify customer management in one system. A single platform for all subscribers, partners, technologies and services provides an optimized system and reduces operational costs.


This section needs additional citations for verification. On-Demand Billing Cost-related risks within business relationships are reduced with the help of two things: Operations area functions implementation can vary significantly depending on communications type and payment model.

Telecom Billing Tutorial

Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles created via the Article Wizard. Billing functions can be grouped to three areas: Commonly known a “Telephone Billing Software”, Telecommunications billing is the group of processes of communications service providers that are responsible to collect consumption data, calculate charging and billing information, produce bills systemm customers, process their payments and manage debt collection.

Financial management area covers functions of payment tracking and processing, mapping correspondence between payments and consumed services, managing credits and debt collections, calculating company taxes.

The CSP has the means to charge and bill its partners for the provision of these services. Enable the support of innovative new multi-sided business models. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Easy to configure new products and services.

Bulk-content items and bundles can be quickly imported for rapid market deployment. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat wystem Archived from the original on February Learn how and when to remove this template message.