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Buy BS EN CRANES – GENERAL DESIGN – PART 1: GENERAL PRINCIPLES AND REQUIREMENTS from SAI Global. Click here to find out how to access this document. BS EN Cranes – general design. General principles and requirements. Publication Year. BS EN Cranes. General design. General principles and requirements. standard by British-Adopted European Standard, 04/30/.

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Suspended baskets prEN Alternatively, advanced and recognised theoretical or experimental methods may be used in general, provided that they conform to the principles of this standard. Load actions Part 3. We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity while using this British Standard would inform the Secretary of the technical committee responsible, the identity of which can be found on the inside front cover. Where details concerning the numbers of working cycles and the masses of the particular net loads to be handled are not known, an appropriate relative frequency shall be agreed between the user, manufacturer and designer for each task r.

The above given two-parameter be of stress histories is shown in Figure 6. Stress histories may be determined by tests or estimated from elasto-kinetic or rigid body-kinetic simulations. Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service.

Power driven winches prEN Stress histories characterised by the same value of s may be bd to be equivalent in respect to the damage in similar materials, details or components. Service conditions are considered in a general way, independent of the type of crane and the way it is driven.

The start and finish of text introduced or altered by corrigendum is indicated in the text by tags ac acEen indicating changes to CEN text carry the number of the amendment. Use of an intermediate value for a parameter is permissible, 31001-1 in that case this design value shall be determined and marked instead of the class. The combined load Fshall be used to determine the resulting load effects Sk, i.


BS EN – Cranes. General design. General principles and requirements (British Standard)

Various BSI electronic information services are fn available which give details on all its products and services. For cranes or crane configurations where all the loads from different drives acting simultaneously do not affect each other because they are acting at right angles to each other i.

A list of organizations represented on this subcommittee can be obtained on request to its secretary. For the proof of fatigue strength, loads are multiplied by the dynamic factor in accordance with EN 1 -2, whilst all partial safety factors y P are set to 1.

BS EN 13001-1:2015

All supports, where given limits are exceeded, i. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The total number of such operations during the useful life shall be specified. General principles and requirements Securite des appareils de levage a charge suspendue – Krane – Konstruktion allgemein – Teil 1: Key a working space 1 b working space 2 Figure 4 — Service frequencies n ri and during task r in the working spaces 1 and 2, average linear displacement in the direction of movement of the drive under consideration Working movements within one working space shall be considered as a separate task.


Limit states and proof of competence of rope reeving components. Supersedes BS EN The service conditions are determined by the following parameters: The stress history is a numerical presentation of all stress variations that are significant for fatigue.

For the proof of fatigue strength, occasional and exceptional loads are usually neglected. The other parts are as follows: Using the established rules of metal fatigue the large number of variable magnitude stress cycles are condensed to one or two parameters.

There is a distinction bss ultimate limit states and serviceability limit states as follows: Each of the stress cycles 13001-1 sufficiently described by its upper and lower extreme value from which the value of the stress amplitude and mean stress may be determined as follows: The resulting design stress o, shall be compared with the limit design stress lim o.


Figure 9 — One parameter representation of stress histories frequencies of stress amplitudes referred to constant stress ratio or constant mean stress 4. The resulting stress J, shall be compared with the allowable stress adm o.

Basic terminology, methodology ISO The result y n -Fj shall be used to determine the resulting load effects S ki.

Buying standards Orders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services. For the proof of fatigue strength of components the stress histories enn on them may also be directly specified, considering the service conditions, by selecting a class S according to Table 6. The stress histories from these occasional loads may be estimated in the same way as those from the regular ones and shall be taken into account dn the fatigue assessment.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

The range of total numbers of working cycles C is classified in Table 2. Individual specified loads f, shall be calculated and amplified where necessary using the factors fa and shall be combined according to the load combinations under consideration. For the proof of rigid body stability it shall be shown that under the combined action of the loads multiplied by their partial safety factors no rigid body movement occurs. Revisions British Standards are updated by amendment or revision.

Technical principles and specifications ISO General Principles and requirements Part 2: The relative number of working cycles a r for each task r is given by the expression a.

This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an identical text or by endorsement, at the latest by Juneand conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by June In combination with the agreed service conditions and the kinematic properties of the crane or its parts, these values limit the histories of inner forces or nominal stresses for the proof of fatigue strength.

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