A book titled “Brihad Vimana. Shastra” by Shri Bramhamuni. Parivrajaka was published in the year [1]. It contains verses in. Sanskrit (describing aircraft) . Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. In fact he deferred the publication of Vimana Shastra and other ancient works The information on Yantra Vimana Shastra published in in the .. one with the hindi translation is called brihad vimana shastra (the larger.

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There is no proof that he wrote it. I dug into some of the already published stories on the subject and found couple of reputed articles by fairly respectable authorities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From productivity to spirituality and everything in between. One article at a time. In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I’ve learnt on this blog. They look like brutalist wedding cakes, with minaretshuge ornithopter wings and dinky propellers.

Vaimanika Shastra free PDF e-book version

vimaana There is nothing here which Jules Verne couldn’t have dreamed up, no mention of exotic elements or advanced construction techniques.

What we know today might change tomorrow.

Each of these types had been fully described. A Hindi translation was published inwhile the Sanskrit text with an English translation was published in In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I learn on this blog. All that may be said is that thematically brkhad drawings ought to be ruled out of discussion.

Did Ancient Indians Actually Fly Aircrafts?

In plain terms, the VS. It is unlikely the text was his own invention. He even takes it a step further and goes on tracing the books, the authors and the libraries from which they have been sourced to verify the sources.


And there has been sharp criticism vmana different sectors all around including scientists from within the forum, atheists, politicians and everyone in between. Subbaraya Shastry was a mystic from Anekalwho was reputed to speak out verses slokas whenever he got inspiration, described by Josyer as “a walking lexicon gifted with occult perception”. If there is a an ancient text that talks about weird flying objects and machinery, that should make the scientific mind curious.

This article contains Shasyra text. We should be able to figure out if there is potential in such claims Debunking or judgement is easy.

Sharma to whom the text was originally dictatedand based on the linguistic analysis of the text, the review concluded that it came into existence sometime between and By using this shaztra, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Shastri had no formal schooling and learnt to read and write only after returning from his encounter with the saint. Let’s make it a better life. So on one level, this is not a hoax. Arguing over whether someone flew an aircraft in ancient times is probably a waste of time. Connect with me facebook linkedin quora twitter whatsapp.

A study by aeronautical and mechanical engineering researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalorein concluded that the aircraft described in the text were “poor concoctions” and that gimana author showed a complete lack of understanding of aeronautics. However in the end, Mr.

Articles containing Sanskrit-language text All articles that may contain original research Articles that may contain original research from January Anytime the topic of Indian vimqna science comes up, there’s always that one guy who mentions something about the ‘Vyamanika Shastra’, a Hindu book that told people how to make planes.


According to Josyer, he dictated the text to G. As years have gone by our country lost many text and details related to the techniques they used in those periods. Josyer, Director of the International Academy of Sanskrit Research in Mysore, in the course of an interview recently, showed some very ancient manuscripts which the Academy had collected.

So, vinana the Science conference lately, someone commented that there are scriptures available that talk about aircrafts being flown in ancient India. Tech Probe Mahindra Treo. The paper talks further about more mechanical details about the fuel used in Vimanasthe types of Vimanas as described in the texts here. Jan 07, Science And Bbrihad 1.

A Background Research of Vimana Shastra

We’ve cited the Journal where we’re getting this stuff from, so you can challenge them if you feel like it. This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat The paper however does not debunk or judge or even make any attempt to prove that the Vimanas existed or not, it just focuses on the scientific techniques explained in the texts and ends with it. In the foreword to the publication that contained vinana full Sanskrit text with English translation, Josyer quotes a press release of his which was “published in all the leading dailies of India, and was taken up by Reuter and shsatra World Press News Services”: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore — H.