That’s Boris’s book ” Any Card At Any Birthday (ACAAB) by Boris Wild “. The DVD Boris is very thorough and covers all you need to know. The most exciting version of Any Card At Any Number from the ingenious mind of a FISM Award Winner! A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts. Luckily Boris Wild’s ACAAB is one of the better versions. First, I find some personal joy in the fact that it was released as a book. You really don’t.

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Clearly, the same thought has crossed Boris’s mind. Find Out how to pay. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift xcaab.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Boris Wild’s ACAAB

Has anyone performed this or have any reviews on this routine? This page was created in 0.

Acaa why the 4 stars. Just wouldn’t work for me, darn! He can say any number. I feel that the introduction of a second deck, solely for the purpose of pulling out the named card, isn’t exactly logical.


Magic Tricks

Feel free to contact us. No mental calculations to learn. Yes, it limits the numbers to 31 choices, but it’s so much more personal. Mr Wild has hued to the demands of the premise, and has delivered a useable method that he has undoubtedly refined over extensive professional performance Marked Cards reviews.

A lot of magicians, young and old wear jackets. A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts and remains in the card case until the end. The third spectator does everything: A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts and remains in its card case. No force or memorization It was so perfect and pure looking from my point of view.

Ken Dumm Inner circle Posts. The End by Rick.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Any Card At Any Birthday by Boris Wild

The Birthday angle is clever. All the details are clearly reviewed to make this “Any Card At Any Number” effect accessible to everyone. Back to the Magic Shop.

Your method is diabolical and completely practical, and you are to be congratulated. When I saw him do it, I believed. A second spectator freely names ANY playing card. Where It Has To.


Sep 16, Wild’s routine is well worth considering I’m guessing I would have been really fooled. The Other Brothers They are normal as you use your own cards. It is so good. The method obris this is beautiful.

On this DVD, Boris offers you his amazing version of this mythical routine. However the trick doesn’t do it for me. So, sadly, I haven’t actually done anything more than wipd the DVD. The card revealed in the position of the number freely named by the first spectator matches the card freely named by the second spectator.

A second spectator freely acaxb any playing card from a deck of fifty-two. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

The card is always revealed at the exact named number No rough and smooth No sticky cards No short cards No table needed No sleights No memorized deck or mnemonic work No formulas or sequences to remember No mental calculations to learn.