Manuals and User Guides for BOLEX H16 REFLEX. We have 4 BOLEX H16 REFLEX manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual, User. View and Download BOLEX H16 REFLEX instruction manual online. H16 REFLEX Film Camera pdf manual download. View and Download BOLEX H16 Reflex instruction manual online. H16 Reflex Film Camera pdf manual download.

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This is a vintage Bolex H 16 Reflex-5 portable 16mm equipment brochure measuring approx. Delivery Options see all. Automatic bilex and loop forming. Black is the variable shutter.

More point and shoot. The Catalog is 54 pages in English. The serial number on this model is inscribed on the flat base of the camera body; it can be used to determine the year in which your camera was manufactured.

Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Step 2 Light Meter Compensations Bolex have never produced a camera with a standard degree shutter angle which is a problem as it is assumed everywhere apart from the odd exceptions Bolex most definitely included that all cine cameras will have a rotating mirror shutter with half the light when shooting going to the viewfinder and the other half to the film.

Includes bayonet lens mount instructions. Or was it actually Degrees still? We also have Degrees Mentioned in various places where does this value come from? Large winding handle folds downward and attaches to camera when not in use. The H16 REX-5 began production in but was not introduced until The Bolex Collector website and other sources has this one down as degrees? For use under submarine conditions it is necessary to switch the 20 second shut off over to continuous a read out remains possible only as long as the camera drive is off.

For Bolex Filter Applied.

They were still deciding as to how they were going to go forwards with the new Reflex idea just as how they dropped the DV marking on their Reflex lenses at this point and settled on RX. The magazine was driven by small DC motor attached to the takeup on the outside of the magazine and connected to either the MST motor or a voltage regulator used in conjunction with the Unimotor B. Well it seems to come from Bolex themselves. From this point onwards everyone should be in agreement every Camera with a variable shutter has its shutter angle as Degrees.


Time lapse and animation is possible by using the side release button or an accessory cable release and adapter; I-T lever allows for timed or instantaneous single exposures.

It can be traced back to the original Bolex Manuals which come with the cameras as well! Published by Chilton Co.

Bolex H16 User

Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. In addition, the H REX-5 incorporated the latest improvements of previous cameras H model cameras, such as the flat base, both 8: This only being available as standard on the H16 EL camera although implemented in a different way.

Did they really make a new shutter angle now h1 degrees different from the new edict 4 years later? Constant speed, spring motor mechanism; governor controlled. In the retro fitted conversion a number of reflective mirror strips are applied to the shutter as when the camera isn’t running the shutter always closes over the film at an exact point it’s natural stop position so a reflective strip can be placed centrally to reflect light into the tiny cds cells to take a reading prior to shooting.

All of the books we list are originals, not photocopiesand range in condition from good usable condition to like new.

The Catalog is 62 pages in English. So from now on Bolex are producing two types of shutter angle one for cameras with variable shutters Degrees Max and one g16 Degrees Fixed.

All he did was take the compensated values he was being quoted and put them in the following standard formula: Guaranteed Delivery see all. Bolex collector has the shutter angle pegged at Degrees not White is the Degreee Fixed area of the shutter.

Bolex H16 Reflex Manual | LaborBerlin

It is a virtual value to use to compensate light meter readings took off normal light meters; the real physical shutter is still Degrees I talk about this compensation in Step 2 Next. Compatible Brand see all.


The Price List is a double-sided folder. I aim to explain why these inaccuracies have come about so as to once and for all banish this long standing confusion boex leave no lingering doubts. A plate covered the channel opening on the saddle and allowed the Rex-5 to be used as a ‘ capacity camera without the magazine.

Item Location see all.

Bolex Collector | Cameras | H REX-5

Show only see all. The system is activated by pressing a small button in the camera base, this will apply battery current for manuaal 20 seconds. If so from what serial number? Interior pages are clean; covers have normal handling and light soiling; there are stress dents on the spine.

Although the REX-5 was not introduced untila ‘ magazine modification to H cameras with flat base and 1: The Price List is clean. It appears that if you were a Bolex Rex Original or Rex 1 owner you have been misled by all official Bolex booklets and advice in books such as those discussed above as anyone would assume that both cameras as being reflex would have a degree shutter but both have a Degree one.

Dial may be reset manually at any time.

BOLEX H16 Reflex Instruction Manual

Instead you can either alter the film speed by a factor or the fps rate to compensate for the shutter angle difference that you cannot alter on these meters. Built-in slot holds a gelatin filter behind the taking lens and in front of the shutter. The meter also takes into account every variable shutter position as you set it and frees you up to be less burdened by the exposure side of things and work more quickly and more creatively and dare I say it?

He also agrees with Addendum 2 found by Martin Stent that there was a change to alter the shutter angle prior to Reflex cameras as he says up to the introduction of the reflex manuzl the shutter angle was

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