Billionaires & Ballot Bandits has ratings and 38 reviews. Margitte said: Jimmy Carter once said, “America should have a president as good as its peo. Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps. Greg Palast will offer any Pacifica affiliate 5 copies of his new book to use as premiums . Billionaires & Ballot Bandits names the filthy-rich sugar-daddies who are super- funding the Super-PACs of both parties – billionaires with nicknames like The Ice .

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Inour country was the only democracy on the globe. In an bndits published on Salon. Read this book before the election. Ties this economic inequities at the end. Greg Palast is a wonderful writer, speaker and investigative reporter. Former corporate fraud investigator Greg Palast previously showed how the US election was rigged through “purging” black voters off the electoral rolls.

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits

It was a nice home, actually, a small, neat bungalow where his surviving four kids played, though not outside. There is a concerted, deliberate, and diabolical effort and intent by these nefarious, evil, despotic tyrants to deprive voters of their right, whether that is by incorrect “purging” of lists, ballot stuffing, rejection of allegedly “incorrectly” filled billionaiers ballots, Balllot Corporation voting machines simply malfunctioning, breaking down, or not being fully switched on, etc.

InI set out to uncover how they got their money, why they need to buy a president, and how they intend to do it.

It’s interesting to see how people work in the shadows to shape America for their personal gain and not the best thing for America. Oct 09, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Paulson personally met with ACA and gave them jive that he himself was investing in the insurance as opposed to investing against the insurance. Oct 30, Kelli rated it liked it Shelves: What intrigued me was how the GOP got ahold of the names of those facing foreclosure.


What bothers me about the book, since it was a bestseller, is where are the people who read it in the USA and why are they so quiet?

And he shows you many of these strategies at baloot in our wonderful democracy. It was the kind of billionaures I wanted to write when I became an author. Please share this with anyone who is receptive to the alarming truth about illegal and unethical voter suppression deviously spearheaded primarily by GOP politicians and the sociopathic, rapacious super-wealthy who hide behind the curtain i.

He also arms the reader with ample information on how to stop this from happening. With a few links to the referenced sources, it might be a more reliable picture of the situation.

In Palast went undercover for Britain’s Observerworked his way inside the prime minister’s inner circle and busted open Tony Blair’s biggest scandal, “Lobbygate,” chosen by Palast’s press colleagues in the UK as “Story of the Year.

Palast turned his skills to journalism after two decades as a top investigator of corporate fraud. It will be interesting to know balloot Greg Palast reacts. Their answer was expected.

I have seen him on Link-TV and he has so much information to dispense that I needed to read this book to digest all of his facts and figures.

Now, all Goldman had to do was line up some suckers with more money than sense, bwndits big European banks that handled public pension funds, and get them to put up several billion dollars to join with Paulson to insure these shaky mortgages.

Prior to the elections Rollingstone. And to get his way, the Vulture also sued to stop the Big Banks from getting their own payments from the Reagan deal. Someone wants Detroit to fall to its knees, wants Robert Pratt to stay awake at night hoping against hope to keep his bungalow in the warzone of 8 Mile.


But the depths to which it goes, An incredibly disturbing and rage-inducing book that should be a must-read for every American citizen. There are many other tricks to get rid of unwanted voters. Oct 08, Renaat rated it it was amazing. A lot of this shit I was somewhat familiar with, from keeping up with the collection of Blame America First blogs and websites in my Google Reader, but it really took reading this book to realize the extent to which it’s all interrelated.

But now, it is much worse.

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps by Greg Palast

He showed how the election was rigged the same way. We know the money is pouring in, but Palast shows us the convoluted ways the money will be used to suppress your vote.

It seems the Republican Party had challenged the rights of voters to cast ballots because their addresses were no longer valid, having lost their right to live where they lived.

So many houses empty with that whoosh of running water—pipes stripped out before the city can turn the water off. He also conducted the investigation of fraud charges in the Exxon Valdez grounding. If you haven’t already, and you don’t mind reading Biklionaires files which works reasonably well with a Kindle and probably even better with Election day special! They are designed to subvert American democracy and turn our country over to the moneyed aristocracy.

Even if they still lived in the state, or even if they had remained in the house.