8BX. Coaxial. 8BX. ○. Considerable power handling: w AES (low frequencies) and 20 w AES (high frequencies). ○. Combination of a 8″ bass loudspeaker. I used years ago the predecessor of the 8bx (which had a paper cone) in a closed box (around 20l) with good results. It had strong bass output. Hi belin, Thanks for information. I’m looking forward to see measurements and crossover scheme. BTW I have some crossover scheme from.

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C Pont Sec 1 C.

I think crossover design with the minidsp looks like something I can pick up with some effort but I’m finding it tough to find info on active speaker amplification. Jan 22, at Request a special quote for this product You must sign in to your account to be able to request beymz quote for this product, we of course like to know who you are.

Beyma 8BX/N 8″ Coaxial Build

It is also known the bigger the voice coil diameter the lower the power compression and the higher the power capacity, but this also means bigger motor structures to obtain high sensitivity from the transducer. Product rating from customers 5 out of 5 from 1 ratings.

The first box unfortunately came with a driver cut out which is too large so a replacement is being made currently. In Beyma we face the problem of heat dissipation with a clear goal in mind: You must b8x in to your account to be able to request a quote for this product, we of course like to know who you are.


So an unusual sized test box has been ordered.

Jul 8, at 9: Jan 19, at 7: It does seem like I’m going to be listening to sweeps more than I listen to films or music though! I don’t think it has a vented pole piece.

I have a pending order with Gordy anyway for 3 more sub enclosures so adding a test box onto it shouldn’t be too hard. Jameskatie I think you were planning to go active, what amps were you planning on using with these drivers? Delivers a stronger joint between the dome and the former of the voice coil and so a better behaviour with high power handling and long periods of working.

Yep it was the trial and error method to learning, that seems more workable with active, that appeals to me. To provide this attribute correctly depends on the magnetic circuit design but also on the suspension system characteristics. Product reviews by customers. This provides a single point source and reduces phasing problems in the crossover region.

Beyma 8bx 8″ 8 Ohm Coaxial Driver

8hx It is well known how the overall SPL of a system suffers a drop after some time working due to the power compression effect in the speakers.

Then make measurements and do some listening.

I understand the driver is mm deep so I was planning on leave 10mm behind the magnet and have a box roughly mm deep if made from 18mm MDF.

Air gap height 6 mm. The latest cooling technology that we deliver to the Professional Audio market through our new speakers, bring together several solutions to meet our goal; in one side allows the woofer to handle bigger rates of power with a given coil diameter, so we can think in smaller coil designs with smaller 8gx structure, reducing the weight but increasing the sensitivity and also keeping an adequate power handling figure for a target application.


Jan 19, at 4: Your nickname or email address: Like for example I imagine your work with crossovers in acourate for your sub helped develop your learning and was useful when building your passive crossovers in some ways.

Beyma 8BX/N 8 inch coaxial loudspeaker W | Loudspeaker freaks

Magnetic assembly weight 2 kg. No, create an account now. More in this categogy. Our tool for achieving a symmetric movement pattern is the MMSS Technology, which provides to our engineers a complete set of components with their parameters in long excursion terms. Hey Leom, I’m afraid they haven’t been going! I have bdyma that perhaps I’m going to get the box maker to line it first as I can’t really get inside the box to put some damping in as its too shallow to fit my arm inside!

One more year, Beyma will be present at the PL

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