Taken represents the next chapter not only in the life of Alex Verus but in the life of author Benedict Jacka as well, as they both grow in their abilities. It is with. Taken. Alex Verus’ insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London. Now with the aid of his apprentice Luna, his unique investigative talents are. Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka – book cover, description, publication history.

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He writes a wonderfully tight story, with great pacing, and lots of interesting characters. Whatever it was, I got involved in the magical world again and started getting myself a reputation.

Taken : An Alex Verus Novel from the New Master of Magical London

Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace—and someone on the council might be involved. One from benedkct magical attack, one a gun and one instance of a character having their throat cut. Gripping and pacy, Taken is everything urban fantasy should be: I find that a huge percentage of what gets labeled urban fantasy turns out to be paranormal romance PNR Talen Trahelis is, well, more of a former friend of Alex’s who is more interested in his own promotions, and he’s teaching some of the apprentice classes.

But his latest gig just might be impossible. Third in the series and still firing on all cylinders!

Taken : Benedict Jacka :

The author manages to tie most of the threads together by the end, but still leaves a few hanging. At times, Alex Verus is prone to the monologue but it does not, in my opinion, reflect poorly on the book.

It’s enough to make you want to sleep under the bedafter you’ve checked it for monsters! Other books in this series. Jacka is beginning to really get a firm grasp on his characters, and is allowing them to stretch and grow. It’s good that Luna’s position as apprentice has been firmly established — no more of that confusion whether Luna will be his friend or at one time, I thought would be his love interest.


All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs on him. Alex Verus is a fate mage—a diviner, a seer—and given his activities of late, his services have been in increasingly higher demand. An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella.

In the Alex Verus novels, he is very precise with his world building, only giving it when it is absolutely needed. But the tournament is a minefield of ancient grudges and new threats, and Alex can’t afford to miss a trick as his elusive adversary stays behedict step ahead in this most dangerous of games.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Another great addition to the series.

What can go wrong? The review must be at least 50 characters takrn. In Taken we really begin to see Alex come into his own, he is more confident and sure in his actions and it reflects well on the page. Hidden in the lanes and byways of Camden London sits henedict shop, just a little shop, but if you know where to find it and have need of something a little magical, then the Arca Alex has been telling Luna how dangerous it is to get involved in the mage world, and she’s finally starting to get it.

I’m disappointed about a portion of the resolution, I’m hoping it will be jscka later in the series. Verus is a delightful character – not one of those out to kill everybody type heroes, but more of a thinker and a planner Oh yes! The Best Books of I would rather be reading these smaller releases each year than one larger piece released once a year.


The Lost Child of Lychford. Vitus Aubuchon was the mage who owned Fountain Reach previously. Cursed Alex Verus series: Taken Alex Verus Book 3 Author s: In the all important third novel, the author shows that Alex Verus is here to stay.

Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Let’s just say that I was even liking Onyx who has a not very small role here, by the way more than them. I don’t mind stories about teenagers, us adults often forget what I was like or most important how we felt at that time. Now, apprentices are coming up missing.

Taken by Benedict Jacka

Fast paced suspenseful fantasy thriller. Alex Verus’s not necessarily reliable reputation attracts all sorts. Infernal Mark de Jager 8.

I good little weekend read that is starting to gather some steam. So that is what I will do. Others hunt humans and seem to find us Alex Verus has a magic shop in Camden, London, and an uncanny ability to see the future. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

Same for both, but not exactly uncommon. Apprentices have been disappearing without a single trace, leaving Alex with no evidence, witnesses, or suspects. But his latest job might just be impossible. As in the early Dresden novels, the mystery and the investigation that takes centre stage.