BEERY VMI Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration– Sixth Edition Starter Kit Ages: 2 through Testing Time: Purpose. The Beery-Buktenica Test, also known as Developmental Test of Visual -Motor Integration or VMI, is designed to identify deficits in visual perception. Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration – 6 (VMI-6) (Beery VMI). Authors: Keith E. Beery, PhD / Norman A. Buktenica / Natasha A. Beery, MS.

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More successful testing is achieved when no preparatory steps are taken. This new edition also provides updated reports of medical, neuropsychological, international, and other important advances in the use of the Beery VMI in recent years.

Beery-Buktenica test

Perceptual and Motor Skills, — Paired and independent-samples t tests were used to analyze group differences. The examinee simply copies these forms in the Test Booklet.

Teaching Materials In response to teachers’ and parents’ requests, authors Keith and Natasha Beery have developed visual, motor, and visual-motor visuaal-motor activities, and developmengal material for use with children from birth to elementary school age. These consist of basic gross motor, fine motor, visual, and visual-fine motor developmental “stepping stones” that have been identified by research criteria.

There is no media. At each age level, these activities focus on gross motor, fine motor, visual, and visual—motor development, providing a solid foundation for art, academic, and athletic skills. As culture-free, non-verbal assessment, the Beery VMI is useful with individuals of diverse environmental, educational, and linguistic backgrounds.


While test content has not changed, the child and adult test forms have been combined, making the VMI more convenient for clinicians who work with people of all ages. Relationship between visual—motor integration and spatial organization of written language and math. Norms The Beery VMI was standardized on a national sample of 1, individuals age 2 to 18 years and 1, adults agesand has proven reliability and validity.

Copy of The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test by J Brunner on Prezi

The control groups participated in their usual handwriting instruction in the classroom. Visual-mohor New York, a convenience assignment of classrooms was used because of teacher availability and administrative factors.

Shopping Cart 0 Advanced Search. Developmental delay —The failure of a child to meet certain developmental milestones, such as sitting, walking, and talking, at the average age. Remember me on this computer.

A search for underlying mechanisms. American Journal of Occupational Therapy6719— Developmental Wall Chart for Visual-Motor Integration – A laminated full-color beery-bukyenica chart of basic gross, fine motor, visual, and visual-motor developmental “stepping stones” from birth to age 6.

Motor Coordination forms “”addtocartitemid”: Results are carefully analyzed, and parents are advised not to judge the child’s skills until they have discussed the test with the pediatrician, neurologist, or psychologist who will use the results in conjunction with other developmental tests in order to make a diagnosis or recommendations for therapy.

This checklist includes more than key developmental “Stepping Stones. It also reports recent medical and neuropsychological applications of the VMI.


Backed by decades of research and clinical use, the VMI offers a convenient developmenntal economical way to screen for visual—motor deficits that can lead to learning, behavior, and neuropsychological problems. Preparation More successful testing is achieved when no preparatory steps are taken. In a more recent study by Howe et al. Neither the very young nor the very old find the test intimidating.

Effectiveness of the Size Matters Handwriting Deevlopmental. The Beery VMI helps assess the extent to which individuals can integrate their visual and motor abilities. The VMI can be used by psychologists, learning disability specialists, school counselors, teachers, and other professionals to:. Further testing may be recommended as well as specific intervention to help correct any deficits noted.

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Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Serves as a handy reminder for parents and professionals. Although it includes both manuscript and cursive booklets, only manuscript writing was assessed for our purposes. VMI Developmental Teaching Activities More than activities for teachers to use with children from intetration through age 6.

The construction skills used in the test have been shown to indicate visual motor impairment, such develop,ental problems with fine motors skills of the hand and hand-eye coordination.

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