Bates’ Visual Guide features head-to-toe and systems physical exam videos completely reshot with an emphasis on clinical accuracy and patient care. Videos de exploración física de Bates. Vea un volumen completo o capítulo por capítulo. VOLÚMENES; 1. Evaluación de pies a cabeza: adultos · 2. Evaluación. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Bates’ Pocket Guide. Download Bates’ Pocket Guide and enjoy it on your.

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One classification is shown here, together with the directions of lym- phatic drainage. Some of these papillae look like red dots, which contrast with the thin white coat that often covers the tongue.

Videos de exploración física de Bates

The deep cervical chain is largely obscured by the overlying sternomastoid muscle, but at its two extremes the tonsillar node and supra- clavicular nodes may be palpable. In contrast to the lymph nodes, the submandibular glands become easier to feel in older people.

Many clinicians avoid the subject of death because of their own discomforts and anxieties. Information Seller Unbound Medicine, Inc. Visual acuity remains fairly constant between the ages of 20 and 50 and then diminishes, gradu- ally until about age 70 and then more rapidly.

After you work through this chapter to chart the tasks ahead, you will be directed by subsequent chapters in your journey to clinical competence. I like this app Locate answers fast and review step-by-step techniques and possible findings using the distinctive two-column format and more than images.

From childhood on, the lens gradually loses its elasticity and the eye grows progressively less able to focus on nearby objects.

Describes educational level, family of origin, current household, personal interests, and lifestyle Documents presence or absence of common symptoms related to each major body system Components of the Health History dard formats for written. Any sexual contact or romantic relationship with patients is unethical; keep your relationship with the patient within professional bounds and seek help if you need it.


This latest update provides interface upgrades to help enhance the performance of your app. This privacy is fundamental to our professional relationships with. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Use facilitative techniques to help them to bring out their concerns. Death and the Dying Patient. The comprehensive pediatric history appears in Chapter Medical ethics, which guide our professional behavior, are not static, but several principles have guided clinicians throughout the ages.

Expressed your affection physically? You should feel free to ask about symp- toms and assess any impact on mood or daily activities. Children and adolescents evolve rapidly in both temperament and physiology; therefore, the special approaches to semillogia inter- view and examination of children at different ages are consolidated in Chap- ter 17, Assessing Children: This is great for a quick reference!!! Ask about how patients spend their time every day, what brings them joy, and what they look forward to.

At each stage, follow the same approach. Give them opportunities to talk and then listen receptively, but if they prefer to stay at a social level, you need not feel like a failure. In lighter-skinned people, the gingiva is pale or coral pink and lightly stippled. A midline mucosal fold, called a labial frenulum, con- nects each lip with the gingiva.

The undersurface of the tongue has no papillae. The eyes, semjologia, and mouth bear the brunt of old age. Near vision, however, begins to blur noticeably for virtu- ally everyone. Nov 13, Version 1.

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The emotional and physical intimacy of the clinician—patient relationship may lead to sexual feelings. Knowledge of the lymphatic system is important to a sound clinical habit: Even if discussions of death and dying are difficult for you, you must learn to ask specific questions.

The dorsum of the tongue is covered with papillae, giving it a rough surface. What ex- actly do you mean by that? Nodes are normally round or ovoid, smooth, and smaller than the gland. Sought his or her emotional support? What is it about the process of talking with patients that calls for responses beyond our innate sense of morality? Deep to semioloiga sternomastoids run the great vessels of the neck: A meshwork of small blood vessels may web the soft palate.


The skin of the eye- lids becomes wrinkled, occasionally. The gingiva is firmly attached to the teeth and to the maxilla or mandible in which they are seated. At the base of the tongue the ducts of the submandibu- The 32 adult teeth 16 in each jaw are identified below.

Occasionally, clinicians meet patients who are frankly seductive or make sex- ual advances. As clini- cians, we are obligated not to tell others what we learn from our patients.

As you enter the realm of patient assessment, you begin integrating the es- sential elements of clinical care: Small blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth through its apex and pass into the pulp canal and pulp chamber. Assure them that re- lieving pain and taking care of their other spiritual and physical needs will be a priority. If you become aware of such feelings, accept them as a normal human response and bring them to the conscious level so they will not affect your be- havior. You will need to work through your own feelings with the help of reading and discussion.

Videos de exploración física de Bates | Guía Visual de Bates

In-App Purchases See All. Except in the midline, the thy- roid gland is covered by thin straplike muscles, among which only the ster- nomastoids are visible. Has your clothing or demeanor been unconsciously seductive? Now identify the following midline structures: