Barrowmaze Complete for 5e is a classic, old-school fantasy megadungeon updated for 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying. Barrowmaze Complete was written by Greg Gillespie, and published after a successful crowd-funding campaign. It is a consolidation of Greg’s previously. Hello This is more of an PSA than anything. Basicly, if you follow the OSR movement a bit, you might have stumbled on Questing Beast, a guy.

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Barrowmaze Complete for 5e by Rogue Comet — Kickstarter

You barrowwmaze to share your love of Barrowmaze! The cover and page samples represent the style you can expect with HighFell: Damien has earned a reputation for creating adventures that offer both memorable stories and satisfying combat encounters.

You will receive a code for the at-cost purchase of the hardcover from rpgnow.

CheckDeadly Traps? The dungeon proper will be leveled in a traditional style, albeit in a floating dungeon context with twists and surprizes. Share this project Done. If all goes as planned we may even be able to deliver the project a little sooner. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. In time, HighFell was deserted and fell into ruin.

Note that you will need to pay print and shipping costs when you choose to get the print book. Cimplete millenia ago, black wizards founded the keep as a school of eldritch wizardry atop a remote mountain called the Dwimmerhorn. I hope to work with these and other TSR illustrators again on this project for a colour cover and also interior art.

Cory Hamel and Peter Pagano have created some fantastic preliminary illustrations to give you an idea of the aesthetic we have in mind for a few of the monsters. Barrowmaez and Layout Samples. We will ensure the colors and aesthetic chosen compliment Barrrowmaze and The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia so they will all look super swank on your shelf.


Barrowmaze: HighFell – The Drifting Dungeon by Greg Gillespie — Kickstarter

Through his professional expertise, he knows how to create, manage, and deliver outstanding game projects.

We have built this into our costs. There is no list of stuff to add persay, rather the more funding the campaign receives the more I can invest into and develop the final product. Similar to past projects for Labyringth Lord Rules, every monster in the monster section will have its own illustration. Estimated delivery Oct We have identified that delays in layout and delays in printer setup could happen.

The megadungeon content includes:. The three settlements are Bogtown villageIronguard Motte town plus castleand Helix village. This is important, because Helix will be the PCs main base camp as they travel to and from the Barrowmaze. The only work that remains is the 5e conversion and layout.

Paul has written several adventures for 5E and has been published by EnWorld Publishing’s EN5IDER magazine – his work “The Business of Emotion” which was coincidentally written for this campaign setting serving as their free sample co,plete.

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e PDF set. Bxrrowmaze will also develop an original full page illustration of your gaming group in HighFell with your choice of artist: Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the marsh barfowmaze a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. Always a good idea for players entering Barrowmaze!

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e

You can read widely about Barrowmaze complfte the internet or on rpgnow. HighFell will continue this tradition as a tip of the cap to Gygax’s original homegame.


This piece of art was beautifully and tastefully framed and is available as an exclusive reward level. It is great for a short adventure but with enough content for years of gaming! The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds – or rather barroowmaze few who return – tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark.

He played his first role-playing game at a Boy Scout camp.

The Project

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e. Apr 28, – May 23, 25 days. Sep 21, – Oct ckmplete, 28 days. There are frequent calls for excavation, or smashing through bricked up walls, to reach the hidden room beyond; much of the treasure is interred in burial catacombs niches carved into the walls, which require careful searching. Erol has already agreed to illustrate the cover for HighFell. Like my other projects HighFell will be detailed, provide depth of copmlete, have old school charm, and be super fun for your gaming group.

I have afforded myself a manageable writing and play-testing schedule with a shipping date of June However, as with any manufacturing process, things can go wrong. Kickstarter is not a store. Time is always a factor. In my opinion, crafting an OSR dungeon is about much more than creating an adventure.

HighFell – The Drifting Dungeon. In recent months a strange green light was seen emanating from the ruins at midnight.