The Psychoanalysis of Fire has ratings and 27 reviews. Modern Hermeneut said: With this book, Bachelard cements his reputation as an intellectual cha. Psychoanalysis of Fire never adopt a truly objective attitude. When we are dealing with men, our equals and our brothers, our method should be based on. PSYCHOANALYSIS OF FIRE, THE The Psychoanalysis of Fire was published by Gaston Bachelard in , before Water and Dreams: An Essay on the.

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It’s not that his writing is difficult, but rather that his subjects are so elusive, and he never shies away from avoiding specific conclusions; in fact, to specify conclusions would be contrary to his intent. Robinet, whose books went through a great number of editions, wrote in Before I read this, I thought it wasn’t possible to psychoanalyze fire.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire

Nowadays, when people cannot discover another cause of a forest fire, they fo by thinking that the unknown cause may be bachelrd action of rubbing. The fire confined to the fireplace was no doubt for man the first object of reverie, the symbol of repose, the invitation to repose.

Bachelrd reverie works in a star pattern. It lives in our heart. An agreeable 29 Psychoanalysis of Fire fancy carries him along, his unconscious rediscovers the joys of the first fire to be lit in a carefree atmosphere of mutual love.

The gentle rubbing separates the parts composed of spirits of air which are opposed to the passage and the fall of a spirituous sub- stance that we call seminal fluid. Book ratings by Goodreads. Rather the psychoanalytical subject is the human conceptualizations of fire, our subjective masquerading as objective responses to it.

No progress is possible in the acquisition of objective knowledge without this self-critical irony. If the fixed body you can dissolve, And cause the solute then to rise, And fix in a powder what has risen, For your pains you’ll be consoled.

Let us examine only a few texts selected from recent periods in order to demonstrate the persistence and the force of the myth of digestion in the explana- tion of material phenomena.

In this way is explained the joy of rubbing, cleaning, fur- bishing, and polishing that could not be adequately explained by the meticulous care taken by certain housewives. We are never completely psycohanalysis mune to the prejudice that we spend a great deal of time in attack- ing.


The Psychoanalysis of Fire – Gaston Bachelard – Google Books

Retrieved December 28, from Encyclopedia. Bastante complejo y de dificil lectura para mi. This assimilation of substance is the psychoaanlysis of the spirit of Chemistry.

But, because we chose it in the first place, the object reveals more about us than we do about it. That which fire has caressed, loved, adored, has gained a store psychonalysis memories and lost its innocence. To do this the alchemist and the poet reduce and restrain the burning action of the light. In vain it will be objected that the Aristotelian doctrines are plausible, that they can, with appro- priate modifications, explain different stages of scientific knowl- edge, that they may be adapted to the philosophy of certain periods; the fact remains that one cannot pshchoanalysis the reason for the solidity and persistence of these doctrines merely by putting forward their value as objective explanations.

The Psychoanalysis Of Fire : Gaston Bachelard :

The Romantics, by returning to certain more or psycohanalysis per- manent experiences of primitiveness, rediscovered, without sus- pecting it, those themes of fire that have been accorded a sexual value.

But in our opinion this problem is really not one of scientific history, for the scientific part of the problem is falsified by the importation of the values whose action we have demonstrated in the preceding chapters. Finally, this slightly hypnotized condition, that is surprisingly constant in all fire watchers, is highly conducive to psycho- analytical investigation.

Difficult at times, then is as clear as fire itself. We must oppose, then, to the enthusiastic, poetic mind the taciturn, scientific mind, and for the scientific mind an attitude of preliminary antipathy is a healthy precaution.

When this happens it will be extinguished, it will die, so to speak, by passing from the state of light, which is its life, co the state of opacity, which we may call a true death when speaking of the Sun. Bachelard does not explicitly say that mythology, consid- ered as a body of stories, is potential literature, but the whole trend of his book is towards that principle. We note these rapid sentences full of psychoanalhsis and second thoughts winch denote that the various methods are being discarded as unfeasible.

It is an illustration of the general theses put forward in our recent book, The Formation of the Scientific Mind La Formation de r esprit scientifique.

Almost bachealrd major group of discoveries in science brings with it a great wave of speculative cosmologies based on analogies to them. It has prepared for studies of this kind a working stock of explanations that are sufficiently rich to throw light upon the pwychoanalysis surrounding fier conquest of fire. In this book he focuses on the various ideas relating to fire, and identifies pre-scientific groups of ideas which he calls the “Prometheus complex”, “Empedocles complex”, “Novalis complex”, and “Hoffman complex”, and traces them in early modern physical and chemical theories of the nature of fire.


This is often the case in literature. Then the fire escaped from him and became common property. We notice that poetry shows a strong affinity for constructs based on analogy and symmetry, Ptolemaic in Dante, occult in the Romantics and their successors down to Yeats.

To define him as briefly as possible he is a philosopher, with a professional training in the sciences, who devoted most of the second phase of his career to promoting that aspect of human nature which often seems most inimical to science: The Novalis complex would synthesize, then, this impulse towards fire that is brought about by friction, the need for a shared warmth. As one can see, the digestive intuition is all powerful: That particular book of Frazer which is entitled Myths of the Origin of Fire reveals on each page such obviously sexual marks that a psychoanalysis of it is really unnecessary.

Sometimes the substantialist assertion is presented in un- troubled purity, quite free from any attempt at proof and even from any illustrative image. It is no less difficult to obtain than the natural fire. His philosophy of science is naturally very different from anything else I’ve read; while the A-A-A philosophers at the time were essentially concerned with normative issues of logic and epistemology, with how we “ought” to do science — later with Kuhn and company it turned toward sociological and socio-political description — Bachelard was concerned with psychological apects of scientific investigation, what he describes as “the psychoanalysis of objective knowledge.

The expression of Max Muller is revealing in this regard: The Novalis Complex Psychoanalysis has already been long engaged in the study of legends and mythologies.

For him destruction is more than a change, it is a renewal.