Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (–) or Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag also known as the Baal . of the famous first Admor of Stretin, Rabbi Yehudah Tzvi of Stretin, was a foremost disciple of Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam). Baal HaSulam opened his “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot” with these words: “At the outset of my words, I find a great need to break an iron wall that. Rav Yehuda Ashlag (), known as Ba’al HaSulam (The owner of the ladder. Named after the “Ladder” commentary he wrote to the book of “Zohar”.

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The diligent and the intellectuals will always suck the cream, either in a misguided communist government, or in a bourgeois government.

However, the majority of any society or state is made of simple flesh and blood folk, meaning egoists. Now it is time for the bourgeois government to display its faults and ruin, and make way for the better government, which, according to his words, is the government of the proletariat. Nazism, that has rebelled against religion, and does as the primitive man, prior to the comportment of the assertive. We are already witnessing that the capitalistic regime is strong and the proletariat of the capitalistic countries also loath the communist regime.

Because the Torah was not given to them before each and every one from Israel was asked if he agreed to take upon himself the Mitzva precept of loving others in the full measure, expressed in the words: However, that counsel will not be of any use in compelling a wealthy nation to share its property and means of production with a poor nation, as the rich nation has already prepared arms and bombs to safeguard itself from its poor neighbors.

However, if we want to jump only as high as the table, we will fall down. People naturally tend to take the cream and leave the whey for others. The diligent are but ten percent of it, which is the exact amount needed to operate society. The workers, and even more so those who are afraid of being unemployed, will certainly take the religion upon themselves, thus acquiring security in their life.


Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) | Dr. Michael Laitman

Every plan he begins he fails to complete, and he is constantly frustrated Because of the craving for possessions, it is impossible for the Altruistic Communism to come unless an Egoistic Communism comes first, as all the societies that wished to establish an Altruistic Communism have already shown, prior to Marxism.

Hence, would you say that it is better that the entire world destroys each other than to impose on them a certain cause to lead them to life and happiness?

The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah Before I go about elucidating the history of the wisdom of Kabbalah, conversed about by many, I find it necessary to begin with a thorough clarification of the essence of this wisdom, which I believe so few know.

This fuel is entirely sufficient as a motivating force to work, like the egoistic reward for all other people. No one will be able to expose his or her evil deeds in public.

He began to shout out loud and blow the horn; perhaps his poor hungry friends would hear his voice, approach him, and come to that abundant settlement that is filled with every delight It must also ensure the minimal existence of the people in the world.

Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal Hasulam) on Amazon Music

In a government of just division, they will also have hasukam confidence, even to a greater extent. As long as religion did not sufficiently expand through the world, the entire world was barbaric, without an ounce of conscientiousness.

The reward for his work is the fuel that motivates him to his hard work. The proletariat will have no greater foothold and benefit than they do now, unless the rulers are idealists, caring for the good of every single individual. This is because the diligent nations, or the ones rich in raw materials, will not want to share equally with the poor and backward nations.

The Solution

Instead, there will be appointees who will go from door to door, examining the needs of every one, and they will provide for him by themselves. And the other, the weak, small and tasteless defeated the strong and the perfect. Thus, within a few decades, the officers will become millionaires, at no risk, but strictly through the exploitation of the workers. Low to High Price: Just division does not mean equalizing the diligent with the backward.


Hence, inspectors, supervisors, and managers are needed to take upon themselves to make their lives endlessly bitter with hardship and enslavement. There is no cure for that except to provide plenty of fuel to the functionaries, sufficient as reward for such hard labor, meaning the work of the hzsulam.

By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. We should not doubt its sufficiency, as it was unbelievable that children could be educated by explanation, but only through the cane. However, he was profoundly disappointed by his encounter with them. It is impossible to have a stable democratic society except by means of a society whose majority is good and honest, since society is led by the majority, for better or for worse.

Over eons of terrible wars between the two forces in Hasulan, the positive and the negative, the chilling force in it was finally triumphant over hsaulam force of liquid fire, and cooled a thin crust around the Earth and hardened there.

At the outset of my words, I find a great need to break an iron wall that has been separating us from the wisdom of Kabbalah, since the ruin of the Temple to this generation. Views Read Edit View history. One deals in much the same way with every experience in life.

For this reason, the evildoers did what they did, but from now on, every saboteur that sees My sword in your hand will promptly vanish and be uprooted from the land. Needless to say, if the fathers adopted communism by coercion, as is the manner in Egoistic Communism, it will not endure for generations, but will ultimately be overpowered and revoked.

For example, the merchant follows in his mind all kinds of merchandise where he suffered loses, and why. If we have not succeeded in the past, we need to begin over again.

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