Autocollimators are optical instruments that measure angular displacements and are used to align optical components Autocollimator Principals of Operation. Due to the collimated beam (infinity adjustment) the measurement results are independent from the distance to the object under test. The operating principle is . Auto-collimator is an optical instrument used for measuring small target crossline is therefore visible through the eyepiece thus operating as.

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Typically, people can resolve from 3 to 5 arc-seconds. The development and implementation of state-of-the-art measuring instrumentation that combine laser analyzing and traditional optics allow for a significant advancement in the area of target-less bore-sighting and accurate alignment.

Therefore, there is a trade-off between sensitivity and measuring range.

Autocollimator – Wikipedia

Unlike in the visual autocollimator, in a laser collimator, the internal target is a bi-cell array of sensors. Verification of angular errors of rotary tables, indexing heads, and platforms of machine parts. The light reflected is magnified and focused on to an eyepiece or a photo detector.

Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian visual autocollimators. Measurement of squareness of an outside corner by aperture sharing. All the components of a laser collimator are housed in a precisely machined barrel.

Laser Autocollimator and Bore Sighting – Novus Light Today

Many other applications require alignment of the laser beam to its optical cavity or to other optical elements. Critical Link, a provider of embedded electronics solutions, A small angular offset between the two can also can be easily achieved.


Autocllimator effect is more severe when the distance between the two increases. It is then re-imaged onto a vibrating slit by means of a relay lens.


Latest from the trade show floor. Remote monitoring of alignment of large mechanical systems Laser Autocollimator Laser autocollimators represent the future of precision angle measurement in the industry. Thus when the mirror is perpendicular to the optical axis, the beam is reflected into itself and the displayed back reflected image will be exactly centered. Determination of parallelism of slide movements with respect to guide ways.

Another major advantage is that it can also measure angles auyocollimator dynamic systems to a high degree of resolution, thanks to high sampling autocolllmator of digital electronic systems. Angular measurement of static as well as dynamic systems 2. Alignment and monitoring of robotic axes. This enables the filtering out of stray scattered light, which sharpens autocollimagor quality of the image?

A visual autocollimator can measure angles as small as 1 arc-second 4. The illuminated target reticle slit is imaged back in its own plane through the objective lens and reflecting mirror.

However, the maximum reflector tilt that can be accommodated is consequently reduced.

Two sensors are provided to measure displacement in each axis. The rear lens along with the spatial filter ensures a sharp beam.


Angular measurement of static as well as dynamic systems. Figure 4 illustrates the construction details of a laser collimator. This new technology achieves better results in a shorter time and without the need of external targets, enabling various sensors and lasers to have their line of sight perfectly aligned. Remote monitoring of alignment of large mechanical systems.

The line of sight, in this case, laser beam, is precisely cantered, thanks to the holding and supporting fixture.

Optical devices Optical metrology Measuring instruments. Introduction to Angular Measurement Protractor a A pinhole light source is used, whose reflected image is observed by the operator through an eyepiece. eorking

Aktocollimator of this special set up, the effective autocollimator aperture for bore sighting applications will exceed mm, these effective aperture conversion is a function of the length of the periscope used. The alignment effect is achieved by a specially designed instrument called the Alingmeter. A plane mirror perpendicular to the optical axis serves the purpose of reflecting an image of the pattern back on to the observation point. A photocell positioned behind the vibrating slit generates an output, which captures both the magnitude and the direction of rotation of the mirror from a central null position.