Frey syndrome is characterized by unilateral flushing and sweating of the facial skin innervated by the auriculotemporal nerve (neck, parotid region, and. A neurologist from Poland, Dr. Lucja Frey, provided a detailed assessment of the disorder and coined the term “auriculotemporal syndrome” in Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome, also known as Frey syndrome, is an uncommon clinical entity in children. It is widely thought to be the result.

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In addition, abdominal fat harvest requires an additional incision on the abdomen and can frequently be complicated by donor site hematoma and surgical site seroma.

auriculootemporal The symptoms of Frey syndrome can include flushing, sweating, burning, neuralgia, and itching. AU – Kim, Young J. Orofacial soft tissues — Soft tissues around the mouth Actinomycosis Angioedema Basal cell carcinoma Cutaneous sinus of dental origin Cystic hygroma Gnathophyma Ludwig’s angina Macrostomia Melkersson—Rosenthal syndrome Microstomia Noma Oral Crohn’s disease Orofacial granulomatosis Perioral dermatitis Pyostomatitis vegetans.

With significant psychosocial morbidity resulting from Frey syndrome, 8 interventions to prevent the development and to treat this sequela of parotid surgery have been the topic of focus in the literature.

Systemic evaluation on the use of acellular matrix graft in prevention of Frey syndrome after parotid neoplasm surgery.

Auriculotemporal Syndrome (Frey Syndrome).

Cementicle Cementoblastoma Gigantiform Cementoma Eruption cyst Epulis Aurciulotemporal granuloma Congenital epulis Gingival enlargement Gingival cyst of the adult Gingival cyst of the newborn Gingivitis Desquamative Granulomatous Plasma cell Hereditary gingival fibromatosis Hypercementosis Hypocementosis Linear gingival erythema Necrotizing periodontal diseases Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis Pericoronitis Peri-implantitis Periodontal abscess Periodontal trauma Periodontitis Aggressive As a manifestation of systemic disease Chronic Perio-endo lesion Teething.


Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Treatment of postparotidectomy Frey synfrome with the interposition of temporalis fascia and sternocleidomastoid flaps. In older reports, infections of the parotid glands were suspected, but a detailed examination always points to a surgical drainage of a parotid abscess. Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Create a free personal account auriculotmporal make a comment, download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts and more.

Despite the uncertainty of effectiveness, the above-mentioned intraoperative preventative techniques are low risk and often can also be used to improve cosmetic outcomes. Link to citation list in Scopus. In the last decade botulinum A toxin has become established as a therapy for individuals with bothersome Frey syndrome. Frey syndrome may occur in association with several neurologic disorders, such auriculotemporao syringomyelia, central nervous system tumors, and epilepsy.

Frey Syndrome – NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Salivary glands Benign lymphoepithelial lesion Ectopic salivary gland tissue Frey’s syndrome HIV salivary gland disease Necrotizing sialometaplasia Mucocele Ranula Pneumoparotitis Salivary duct stricture Salivary gland aplasia Salivary gland atresia Salivary gland diverticulum Salivary gland fistula Salivary gland hyperplasia Salivary gland hypoplasia Salivary gland neoplasms Benign: Surgical management of postparotidectomy Frey syndrome should be reserved for severe and refractory cases, as there are limited data to support its use.

Systemic Implications and Complications Frey syndrome may occur in association with several neurologic disorders, such as syringomyelia, central nervous system tumors, and epilepsy. Bednar’s aphthae Cleft palate High-arched palate Palatal cysts of the newborn Inflammatory papillary hyperplasia Stomatitis nicotina Torus palatinus.

Sydrome the SCM flap is easy to harvest and can provide adequate cosmetic reconstruction, its ability to prevent Frey syndrome after parotidectomy is unclear.


MotzMD and Young J. Views Read Edit View history.

Auriculotemporal Syndrome (Frey Syndrome).

The key symptom of facial sweating is not emphasized in newborns rising doubts about the correctness syndroke these observations. Although this represents an effective technique for the prevention of Frey syndrome, it does require an extended incision, which can generally be hidden in the hairline. Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America.

The dark pretragal area demonstrates a positive Minor starch-iodine test, whereas the other lighter areas are synvrome negative. Most of the auricullotemporal used are given via injection therapy or by topical application.

Because of this, any gustatory stimulus produces erythema and sweating instead of salivation. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your personal account. It described sweating and flushing in the preauricular area in response to mastication or a salivary stimulus.

The temporoparietal fascia flap. Diagnosis is made based on clinical signs and symptoms and a starch iodine test, called the Minor Iodine-Starch test. Frey syndrome is a postoperative phenomenon following salivary gland surgery and less commonly neck dissection, facelift procedures, and trauma that is characterized by gustatory sweating and flushing.

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The incidence of Frey syndrome following parotidectomy: A neurologist from Poland, Dr. In adults, it is common following parotid surgery. The therapy consists of local injections of botulinum A toxin in eyndrome affected skin.

ADM is a soft tissue matrix graft that is generated by decellularization of tissue that results an intact extracellular matrix. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.