ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP). The ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) is specified in standards document A/ Once you buy an HDTV it doesn’t take long before you get confused by all the acronyms. We love us some HD, but the days of simply bringing. information in the ATSC PSIP standard, system information and program information. System information allows navi- gation and access to the channels within.

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Originally, broadband just meant more than one frequency was used to send a signal over the same medium — as apposed to baseband which only uses one frequency.

HD 101: What is ATSC, PSIP, QAM, and 8-VSB?

It describes information at the system and event levels for all virtual channels carried in a particular transport stream and to allow program schedule information to be displayed on ATSC-compatible digital TV receivers.

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PSIP is a collection of tables designed to operate within every digital broadcast transport stream. One way they do this is by putting multiple HD streams on one channel. Retrieved from ” https: This is actually pretty cool technology but the problem is there is the off chance that a channel won’t be available when you want to watch it — very rare — and even more common, your one-way CableCARD enabled Media Center or TiVo won’t be able to tune in the channels at all.

Delivering PSIP data is essential for digital terrestrial and cable broadcasters. As the digital transition is ahsc and broadcasters move frequencies pdip either away from VHF so other services can use it, or are psipp moving back to their original channel assignment — most ATSC tuners will require users to rescan in order to update the table.

This isn’t really a problem when you take two The primary purpose of PSIP is to facilitate acquisition and navigation among the digital services available to a particular atsx or set-top-box.


This is atsx instead of sending every channel to every house, all the time, only the channels that are being watched are being sent.

Now before we get into specific broadcasting encoding methods used for over-the-air TV, cable, and satellite; lets cover something that can be a little difficult for internet geeks to understand.

It is pretty obvious by the latest surveys that most people don’t understand exactly what it takes to enjoy HD on their HDTV, but even if you do, you may not understand what most of it means. The Program and System Information Protocol PSIP is the MPEG a video and audio industry group and privately defined program-specific information originally defined by General Instrument for the DigiCipher asc system and later extended for the ATSC digital television system for carrying metadata about each channel in the broadcast MPEG transport stream of a television station and for publishing information about television programs so that viewers can select what to watch by atxc and description.

The more recent technology that operators have turned to is switched digital video SDV. This page was last edited on 3 Aprilat The theory is that none of the streams will need all the bandwidth at the same time. All this really means is that the QAM signal is not encrypted, which means all you have to do is plug the coax into your tuner and start watching HD.

There is one station at The one thing we didn’t touch on though was satellite technology and mostly this is because both of the providers in the US require you to use their STBs anyways, and there really aren’t many reasons you’d need to know what types of modulation they used — at least not in the context of this port.

So now that you understand most of this — hopefully — it should serve you well for years.

Program and System Information Protocol – Wikipedia

Where are the adults. The easiest example to understand is FM Radio. These systems can be outside Program listing services, ahsc management systems, traffic commercial and program scheduling and broadcast automation systems, which all contribute a portion of the PSIP data to a PSIP Generator. Archived from the original on 25 July So in other words as technology evolves we find new ways to send more bits across the same 6MHz channel.


The two channels have no affect on each other, they each have their own discrete channels. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Articles lacking in-text citations from October All articles lacking in-text citations.

Packet switched vs circuit switched Now before we get into specific broadcasting encoding methods used for over-the-air TV, cable, and satellite; lets cover something that can be a little difficult for internet geeks to understand.

What this really means is that everyone gets their own dedicated channel. Two revisions largely backwards-compatible with the standard have been made. Interestingly, p30 is actually a part of the spec, but most don’t expect it to ever be utilized because PSIP Pro is the system of choice by television station broadcasters who are looking for a proven system at an affordable entry level price.

PSIP is not only the foundation for maintaining the station’s digital Peip identity but, also the delivery of a rich variety of television-related data services, including the electronic program guide data, caption service data, content advisories, and support of multiple languages.

The good news is that while technology continues to change, due to compatibility reasons these technologies evolve slowly. The coolest thing about QAM is that since it doesn’t need all the error correction of an over-the-air modulation technique, it is much more efficient. It allows for the generation and management program schedules and contains advanced capabilities and a user-friendly graphic interface psipp a cost-effective, entry level price.

QAM Modulator With the advent of Qtsc bandwidth has become a problem for all content providers, but it helps if you understand how it is managed.