As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Portuguese Edition) [Scott Lynch] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Diz-se que o Espinho de Camorr é um. As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Scott Lynch] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Uma historia original, vigorosa e. Buy Las mentiras de Locke Lamora / The Lies of Locke Lamora: Libro primero de las crónicas de los Caballeros Bastardos / Book One of the Gentleman Bastard.

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Okay, so I have to admit that in the middle of all this blah-blah-blah-ing and skim-skim-skimming, this sometimes happened: Our protagonist Locke Lamora is not good looking, he isn’t at all good in a fight, and we get to watch him be impotent in bed, an arrogant little snit who gets slapped down several times, and taking very very petty, not noble revenge on a bunch of people.

A while back, Locke told me about the Salvara game he and the boys had planned. View all 32 comments.

This book arrived in a perfect storm of buzz, excitement and magic. And I laughed so much because it’s absolutely hilarious and clever and witty and insanely clever and did I mention how clever it is yet??!? The poor dumb animal was Gentled; there was neither curiosity nor fear behind the milk-white shells of its unblinking eyes.

Retrieved December 3, This was at times a dark, gritty, and very brutal tale but that was mitigated by the fantastically humorous banter between the characters, and the very real friendship the Gentleman Bastards clearly shared with each other.

What I like about Locke is that, when he tells a story, he tells the whole story. Easy 5 stars for the enjoyable ride.


But it too began to lose its luster. I’m talking about the first hundred pages, because names of people and places were thrown at me from nowhere, to the point where I felt stupid because I didn’t fully grasp everything the characters were talking about.

Locke Lamora and his merry gang of thieves blend in this cauldron and this fascinating story follows pocke as they arrange their unbelievable frauds. Father Chains, their “garrista” leaderis a priest of the Crooked Warden, the god of thieves. View all 27 comments. The Gentleman Bastards certainly achieved that.

As other reviewers said it is combination of Ocean 11 with a younger and more cheekier main character and the Godfather. This is the story of Locke Lamorra, master thief extraordinaire, and his band of thieves, The Gentlemen Bastards. Is that vague enough for you? Therefore, the plot of this is fresh, exciting and completely new. Easy to understand, right? Views Read Edit View history.

Sometimes even his spectacular ability to lie fails, and he has to go to Plan B.


The juxtaposition of these two narratives created a superlative result in bringing not only a greatly written story but also a very addictive pacing. Like, ‘How does it feel to be dangled out a window by a rope tied around your balls, motherfucker?

I pretty much have nothing to say about this book. The criminal underworld of Camorr is ruled with an iron fist by the Capa Barsavi, who collects a commission on all criminal activity under his purview. So the place, ah, the harbor city of Camorr, with shadowed back alleys, complex canals and charming luxury. Book aa medieval child pickpocket ring. But, as the author has mentioned before, foul language is the least issue of this book full of violence, blood, and drowning in horse piss.


There was so much I never know where Lynch is going to take us, in this world of lmaora and blood and revenge, but I am more than happy to continue along the journey with him! Locke Lamora is one of the best name I ever heard in my entire life. View all 77 comments. But young Locke Lamora dodges death and slavery, becoming a thief under the tutelage of a gifted con artist. And trust me, the swearing makes it even better.

The Lies of Locke Lamora – Wikipedia

And then, when somehow the Gentlemen Bastards emerge on the other side, coated in their own blood and the blood of others, triumphant, you put the book down and say “Wow. From the first threat to use someone’s balls as fish bait to the last attempt to drown someone in horse piss, I absolutely adored this book. I won’t screw it up! I keep an eye out for anyone loxke trying to walk past the alley, especially the city watch.

Phew, that was close. View all 4 comments.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

It helps make the story feel truly, perfectly grubby and real. But, the worse of the bunch is the priests. There were some things mentioned that she is important to Locke, maybe the love of his life and the information about her is so scarce.