For the book, see Mythic Europe (book). Mythic Europe is the medieval, fantastical setting of the Ars Magica roleplaying game. Mythic Europe is in many ways. Transforming Mythic Europe Hermetic magic has the power to change the world. A magus fresh from apprenticeship can create a land to rule where there was. Introduce this full range of possibility into your saga’s stories with Tales of Mythic Europe, a collection of short adventures for Ars Magica Fifth Edition.

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Mythic Europe occupies the same geographical region, its inhabitants cling to the same medieval beliefs and values, it has the same social institutions such as the Catholic Church and even specific persons such as the Eueope Roman Emperor Frederic II and Pope Ads IX.

This list represents a very quick look. Magic can replace much of the back-breaking labor typical of the medieval world. Adventures in Mythic Europe Printer Friendly. When a Hermetic magus casts a spell and the player rolls a natural ‘1’ for the spell attack roll or the target rolls a natural ’20’ for a spell saving throw, the Hermetic magus may experience mythid “botch” and possibly Warping which in turn could trigger Twilight or some strange effect.

These character types are: A magus who has a bound familiar has less chance of losing control of their magic.

First, it’s easier for the numerous authors to follow accepted historical fact than to create an alternate history and try to stay consistent on the differences. Be a lame but magically sensitive friar, a fugitive baron, or a contortionist thief. Mytyic Web Links Found. Shunning both fealty and the Dominionmany covenants periodically find themselves pressed by magicz encroachmentmaking shady deals with mundanes, or dodging the Church’s efforts at proseletyzing.


A magus fresh from apprenticeship can create a ags to rule where there was nothing but ocean. Yet magi are not removed from mundane society.

Mythic Europe | Ars Magica Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The world is yours for the taking. You’ll also take on the role of a magus, a wizard of legendary power, a leader of the covenant, a member of one of the Houses of Hermes. The covenant serves as the home base for the characters and is the central “character” in the ever-developing saga.

Set in a dark vision of the medieval world, it is a mythic setting where our superstitions are fact.

Mythic Europe

Or you can be a magus, a wizard, and delve into arcane mysteries. Grogs do not take class levels at all; they use existing NPC or “monster” blocks or they can be created by the DM as needed following the rules for NPC or monster creation.

With each role you play, however, you have knowledge few others possess. Whether xrs be a drunken mercenary, cunning street-urchin or itinerant friar, you must win your fortune through your wits and courage.

There are a couple of reasons for the official setting to mirror real history. However, Mythic Europe is awash with magic and the supernatural. Regardless, it is a rare magus who does not find himself at a faerie forest sooner or later. ard

Once the spell is constructed, the DM can determine if the spell is to be introduced into the campaign. The basic system is simple enough to learn in a few minutes but versatile enough to cover nearly every die roll you will make in the game. There are three myrhic character types in the Mythic Europe setting that transcend class. Ars Magica 2nd Edition.


The Devil plot with its minions. If you always loved combat the best There are four Realms of Power influencing Mythic Europe: Magi maica not changed Europe because they have not yet chosen to.

Use spells and magic items of your own invention, make up spells in the heat of battle, and duel other wizards. From the covenant, you will journey out into the land.

Leave the safety of your tower and venture forth into the world beyond. While canon presents a certain vision of Mythic Europe, with a certain level of historical veracity and a certain level of myth, storyguides and troupes are encouraged to vary from canon and historical precedents when running their own sagas. Ars Magica 5th edition Ars Magica 5th Edition. Different troupes place the emphasis on different aspects of the setting.

Adventures in Mythic Europe

Line Product Transforming Mythic Europe. Most spells are not exactly the same and the power levels may not be roughly equivalent. The Technique scores will be determined by the caster’s prowess in the schools of magic.