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Real-timeFantasyStrategic. About Codex Gamicus Disclaimers Mobile view. Ruannon, in his lifetime, fought the Fallen several times and uncovered much of their dark plans. By using this site, you agree sxigo the Terms admies Use and Privacy Policy. Generalsbut lo and behold, Armies of Exigo arrived at my doorstep, practically begging to be played. Because of this lack of innovative gameplay, which has come to be expected in the modern day, the game was heavily criticized by reviewers and failed to become popular.

Decades after their banishment, Domina is a young princess of the Dark Elves and is at war with Lord Shaiton, who seeks to seize the Throne from her. There are three armies in the game – The Empire the human sideThe Fallen an insectoid monster raceand The Beast a group of large beast creatures.

Killing off most of the magi of the Order of Ruannon who try to prevent the braking of the Third Seal, he heads to the Chamber of Screams located nearby and with little to no effort undoes the trap that holds the Two Father of the Fallen captives.


Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Greatly amused by Alric’s survival, he tries yet again to remove Alric from his way by sending him to his own domain, where to he, in Alric’s absence, invited several Warlords in oc to craft an Alliance against the Beast Invaders.

After his death, his remains where off in an elven forest. Alric gains the aid of the Order of Ruannon, and two Disciples of Ruannon erect two Firewall which destroy any Fallen that pass through it, cornering the Fallen in the Ice Cave.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Keran, seeing no way out of the situation, transforms into armied horrifying Voidwalker form and quickly teleports away from the place.

He successfully gets to the Ice Cavern in Teonia, eliminating most of the Teonian Knights during his march. She then fights her way to the Tomb of Ruannon and summons the wizard’s soul. Princess of the Dark Elves, a society of elves, banished under the ground. Alric is then freed by Dunehelm Bellangre and Lady Tierna. Although Keran succeeds exxigo doing so, Vangarath fails and is killed by Alric and Dragga.

Armies of Exigo FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Keran claims that for her help, she’ll be rewarded greatly by the Dark Dreamer. Different unit types are built at different structures.


In OctoberEA shut down the online servers for the game.

The chieftain of the lizardmen, the old allies of the Beast. Frozen Throne 03 Apr 0. Domina tells Keran of her aims and reveals that Shaiton abducted the Hive Queen in order to gain advantage over Domina and defeat her. This page was last edited on 10 Augustat Views Read Edit View history.

Armies of exigo manual pdf

The player has to gather resources gold, wood and gems to produce units and buildings and to research spells and upgrades.

She claims that she has aries means to discover the location of the Three Seals, by seeking out Ruannon’s soul and simply contact him, as she can speak the language of the dead. They have light, pale skin and dxigo turned to dark magics, particularly Necromancy. Together they reclaim the Hive Queen and kill Shaidon.

Alric is captured by Lord Vangarath when he visits him to prove he’s still alive. Views View Edit Edit source History. He is wise and he supports Dragga’s will instead of Tyron. Alric and Dragga then march to the Obsidian Tower only to find that the ceremony of fusing this world into that of the fallen’s has already begun.

He is a young mage of the Obsidian Tower.