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The field worker relies entirely upon inspiration from theory.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific

The founding document of economic anthropology! Later on in the day, whatever happened was within easy reach, and there was no possibility of its escaping my notice.

II malinowsji Its economic character. If anthropologists have hitherto unduly neglected it, we may suppose that it was rather because they were attracted to the higher side of man’s nature than because they deliberately ignored and undervalued the importance and indeed necessity of the lower.

It should not even be near enough to fly to at any moment for recreation. Proper conditions for ethnographic work. He must be an active huntsman, and drive his quarry into them and follow it up to its most inaccessible lairs.

Formerly they were cannibals and head-hunters, and used to make unexpected raids on their adversaries. The accent is almost always on the penultimate, rarely on the anti-penultimate. The malevolent visitors from the South, and epidemics.

It is also important that this work of collecting and fixing impressions should begin early in the course of working out a district. With the help of this Table and the many references scattered throughout the text, westren to how, under what circumstances, and with what degree of accuracy I arrived at a given item of knowledge, there will, Mallinowski hope remain no obscurity whatever as to the sources of the book. At the same time, the whole area of tribal culture in all its aspects has to be gone over in research.


Argonautss — Digression on the sociology of work: The goods never become the property of any community. I have lived in that one archipelago for about two years, in the course of three expeditions to New Guinea, during which time I naturally acquired a thorough knowledge of the language. The coastal populations of the South Sea Bronisla, with very few exceptions, are, or were before their extinction, expert navigators and traders. But the two functions are separate, and in actual research they have gronislaw be separated both in time and conditions of work.

Later on in the year, when the plantation sprouts, they form a bright spot, with the light green of their fresh leaves. Corpus inscriptionum Kiriwinensium IX — Summary of argument. But if it were a questions of treating of any other aspect of the tribal life of these natives, it would also be found that, whenever they approach any concern of vital importance, they summon magic to their aid.

Argonauts of the western Pacific

In this respect, magic is exactly on the same footing with the sciences, of which it is the bastard sister. These tribes inhabit the easternmost end of the mainland of New Guinea and those islands, scattered in the form of the long-drawn archipelago, which continue in the same south-easternly trend as the mainland, as if to bridge over the gap between New Guinea and the Solomons.

IX — Ceremonial setting of magic. When, on a hot day, we enter the deep shadow of fruit trees and palms, and find ourselves in the midst of the wonderfully designed and ornamented houses hiding here and there in irregular groups among the green, surrounded by little decorative gardens of shells and flowers, with pebble-bordered paths and stone-paved sitting circles, it seems as if the visions of a primeval, happy, savage life were suddenly realised, even if only in a fleeting impression.


Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronisław Malinowski

Using the kula as a focal point, the book discusses canoe-making and navigation, more purely economic trade, m April 11 However, you should understand that I have never taken even one undergraduate course in Anthropology and had read only one other anthropological or ethnographic monograph prior to reading the Argonauts. I — The flying witches, mulukwausi or yoyova: Much of the argument in this book has been greatly improved by the criticism given ewstern by my friend, Mr.

From his description it appears that in the minds of the natives the performance of magical rites and the utterance of magical words are indispensable for the success of the enterprise in all its phases, from the felling of the trees out of which the canoes are to be hollowed, down to the moment when, the expedition successfully accomplished, the argosy with its precious cargo is about to start on its homeward voyage. A cross country walk.

V — Sailing North. Argonauts of the Western Pacific developed from anthropological research which Bronislaw Malinowski described as “off the verandah”.

Exchange nronislaw gifts and barter. Seligman’s terminology, we shall call the Western Papuo-Melanesians and the Massim respectively.

Departure noticed of three expeditions from Kiriwina to Kitava. Some magical texts of canoe building and Kula magic obtained.