The Argonautika: Expanded Edition. Apollonios Rhodios. TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY AND GLOSSARY BY Peter Green. Copyright. Peter Green’s lively, readable verse translation captures the swift narrative movement of Apollonios’s epic Alternate spelling: Argonautica, Apollonius Rhodius. Peter Green (University of California Press, ), ISBN ; and Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argonautica), trans. Richard Hunter (Oxford.

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When night falls in Georgia, he thinks of sailors still at sea, dogs no longer barking and nightwatchmen struggling to stay awake. On the other hand, the scenes on Olympus work well: I also accept the view espoused here that a facet of Apollonius’ originality lies in his poem’s being a “reconciliation of opposites, an epic geste as experienced by heroic yet vulnerable human beings” It is full of vocalic concatenations and flies along, the consonants like punctuation marks, barely touching the ground.

Nay, I beseech thee, not with tears, not with such omen, as I pass to stern war’s conflicts, do thou send zrgonautica forth, O my mother. Contrary to Dionysius Scytobrachion, who removed all the fantastic elements of the story, thus making it little more than a sea adventure, Apollonius is said to have embraced the epic tradition and the helplessness that was a part of this unpredictable world p.

Some had linked Hylas pwter with Hercules but with someone else; Apollonius manages to get both on board. Thus, for future printings of the paperback version a different introduction might be written that is more appropriate to non-specialists, limited to information regarding the life of the poet and his literary and cultural milieu and peted place of ggeen Argonautica in the epic tradition, among other issues of a general nature; the amount of highly opinionated detail currently offered, that includes some Greek plus a smattering of scholar-bashing, will be hard for many to follow and might even dissuade some from reading this superlative translation of a work which now stands to be more widely read as a result of Green’s significant contribution to Apollonian studies.

These things resonate in our unconsciousness to this day. The translation is masterful, as one might have predicted from so accomplished a translator. Peter Green’s lively, readable verse translation captures the swift narrative movement wrgonautica Apollonios’s epic Greek. The story itself is exciting, and it felt very argomautica like reading the Odyssey.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. Nox erat et placidum carpebant fessa soporem corpora per terras, silvaeque et saeva quierant aequora, cum medio volvuntur sidera lapsu, cum tacet omnis ager, pecudes pictaeque volucres, quaeque lacus late liquidos quaeque aspera dumis rura tenent, somno positae sub nocte silenti.


Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? Christopher Pitt Qual d’acqua chiara il tremolante lume, dal sol percossa o da’ notturni rai, per gli ampli tetti va argnautica lungo salto a destra et a sinistra, e basso et alto.

VirgilAeneidBook IX, lines 59—64 tr. I was surprised, however when I ran out of translation and hit the extensive commentary at the back. Nonetheless, the overall picture Green offers of Apollonius as a literary throwback to the archaic era who possessed an unquestioning belief in the historicity of the Argonautic saga and an all-pervasive anti-rationalism does not to my mind characterize the author of this Argonautica.

He crept, crouched down, past Aeson’s son, and fitted his notched arrow end aryonautica the middle of the string, stretched it with both hands, and shot Medea. Summary Jason and the Argonauts’ quest for the Golden Fleece is probably the oldest extant Greek myth.

The sunlight will argonutica be eclipsed by darkness and the fresh cold water will start to seethe. Views Read Edit View history. In he and his family moved to the Greek island of Lesboswhere he was a translator and independent scholar.

Also more generally, to carry or shift a heavy objectnot necessarily upon the back, and to hump argonautifa. It is not clear to me how such an impression might arise apart from the scholiast’s remarks.

Argonautica – Wikiquote

Orpheus who can out-sing the Sirens, the Boread brothers who can out-wing the Harpies with feathers discreetly attached to their hands and feet, Euphemus who can walk on water, Lynceus who peher see underground. With quick feet he slipped unseen across the threshold and glanced sharply around. Ac veluti pleno lupus insidiatus ovili cum fremit ad caulas ventos perpessus et imbris nocte super media; tuti sub matribus agni balatum exercent, ille asper et improbus ira saevit in absentis; collecta fatigat edendi ex longo rabies et siccae pteer fauces.

Share your thoughts with other customers. It is a very ancient tale, already much talked about when Odysseus met Circe in Homer, and has provided the material for numerous treatments in paint, poetry, opera and film.

Moreover, he states, “[e]ven were there no evidence whatsoever for a fundamental conflict between the Kallimachean school and the author of the Argonautikait would still be necessary to postulate its existence” ibid.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

It’s wise to learn about the winds and heaven’s changing moods. Cupid hugs his mother and she bribes him with the promise of a toy. Series Hellenistic culture and society ; All of them challenge the notion of the Argonautika as a throwback by situating the poet in his place and time.


To be sure, the views of the majority need to be challenged more often perhaps than they are, and Green offers a spirited, albeit at times caustic, challenge.

Open to the public ; PA It is a universal poem only in the Greek.

A great floating island. Views Read Argnoautica View history. The world the Argo sails through is freakish and strange but as she passes and the Argonauts found cities, build tombs and altars, name islands, destroy monsters and immobilise errant rocks, it grows a little more familiar. Concava vallis erat, quo se demittere rivi adsuerant pluvialis aquae; tenet ima lacunae lenta salix ulvaeque leves iuncique palustres viminaque et longa parvae sub harundine cannae: None of your libraries hold this item.

Apollonius is a writer of just-so stories, closer to the Ovid of the Metamorphoses than to Homer.

The Argonautika, the only surviving epic of the Hellenistic era, is a retelling of the tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece, probably the oldest extant Greek myth. The young prince is sent on a perilous expedition and triumphs over the obstacles put in his path – from clashing rocks to fire-breathing bulls – to win not only the Fleece but also the hand of the Medeia, the daughter of King Aietes, who rules over Kolchis.

Hinc mihi Massylae gentis monstrata sacerdos, Hesperidum templi custos, epulasque draconi quae dabat et sacros servabat in arbore ramos, spargens umida mella soporiferumque papaver.

Peter Green (historian)

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This was an important story in ancient Greece, it should be as equally well known today. As when a hunter hound has caught a stag, pent in by a stream, or hedged about by the terror of crimson feathers, and, running and barking, presses him close; the stag, in terror of the snares and lofty bank, flees to and fro in a thousand ways, but the keen Umbrian clings close with jaws agape, and now, now grips, or, as though he gripped, snaps his jaws, and baffled, bites on nothing.