The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) 5th Edition is a literal translation of the very oldest known Aramaic New Testament texts. This is a study Bible with. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition is translated from the First Century (John ) AENT God bless all those who read this and share His word. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition has 53 ratings and 5 reviews. Gary said: The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible is translated from copi.

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Paulette Vilardi rated it it was amazing Nov 20, Mario Brooks rated it it was amazing May 11, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The author also helpfully adds extensive commentary on the actual Jewish and Netzarim cultural contexts of the Renewed Covenant. Mashiyach Messiah was and is revealed in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic terms that are nonexistent in Greek. Mary Hudak-collins rated it it was amazing Dec 13, Wanita Panza rated it did not like it May 02, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and learn from the correct sources.

Yahshuah does not mean “annul Torah” by His expression “fulfill Torah” despite this being what many Christian authors, Pastors and Priests, plus ordinary Christians teach “fulfill” in verse 17 means. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


The AENT is quite amazing, and full of insights! The jew is to keep this translation as devoid as possible of any theological bias. Aramaic English New Testament.

Welcome to – The Aramaic English New Testament

Ion Cordner Australia Learn More. Most New Testaments derive from Greek translations which were originally translated from Hebrew and Aramaic texts.

The Aramaic text is derived from the most ancient Aramaic sources within the family of Eastern Peshitta texts including the Khabouris Codex. Ana Usca rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Jason Diederich rated it it was testwment Dec 23, Google Play Store Apple Store. Simply put, there is no other English New Testament Bible that is as authentic, authoritative, and awesome. Who was the AENT developed for?

The reader is provided an as-literal-as-possible translation without losing the English flow. The Peshitta is a collection of copies of the original manuscripts. Rather than being translated from the Greek, this comes from the Aramaic armaaic, preserved by the Church of the East.

Published January 1st by Netzari Press first published January 1st To see the words of Yeshua directly translated from His very own mother tongue on earth is quite special. According to Acts 1: Leah Lawrence Learn More. Where does the Aramaic testsment from?


Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition by Andrew Gabriel Roth

Feel free to take a Brochure containing important quotes from ancient scholars! You’re going to love reading your Aramaic English New Testament. There are numerous examples in the Greek New Testament that reveal Greek cultural and religious bias that eventually became “the Gospel. One way or another, you have arrived at my page for the Aramaic English Bew Testament. Israel orders shipped from Jerusalem.

Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition

Sep 27, Paul Dawn Jr. For example, the Greek “Kurios” is often rendered in English as “Lord.

Not only does the Aramaic English New Testament Bible render the Ancient Aramaic in a way that is easy for every English reader to understand, but it reveals nuances, poetry, and hidden codes of the New Testament that until now have only been available to Hebrew and Aramaic scholars.

About Andrew Gabriel Roth. Yet, it’s become a Best Seller–simply through word-of-mouth.