Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure. Introduction. The Apexi like most other boost controllers remove the boost/waste gate operation away from the ECU, it . Top EBV hose to NC. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. View and Download APEXi Super AVC-R instruction manual online. Super AVC- R Automobile Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download APEXi Super AVC-R instruction manual online. SUPER ACTUATOR VALVE CONTROLLER TVPE-R. Super AVC-R Controller pdf manual.

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I used ‘RPM’ wiring, not ‘injector duty’ wiring. If so recheck apexo. However, I found no perceptible difference in boost pattern, no matter what I set this value to.

How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller

Many have often complained that their AVC-R does not save their new settings. I had to reduce my boost, but most everyone else I talked to only need to reduce duty cycle.

If you want to do this, two words: Better turbo response and ability to monitor thing you really know noting about. The single most time-consuming step is splicing into the ECU wires. Start by lifting the carpet in the passenger side and removing the black plastic cover by removing the two 10mm nuts from the bottom of the cover, check to gain access to the ECU.

This is how the unit knows what gear you are in. Do this ’til you get it just right…and hit 1. This is perfectly normal in some cases, and it is NOT majual result of mis-wiring.


I turned learn-mode OFF in all gear, this is ‘X’ for all gears. Let’s say that you also wanted to run 1. Cap both VSV and the bottom of the Wastgate actuator total of 2 caps.

Good luck, Azeem araja kestelsolutions.

This feature reduces the max boost a little, when going from negative pressure to boost I think the ECU can no longer put the car into ‘limp-home’ mode, so you need to be extra-careful driving around on a cold engine. Click here for advertising information.


If you blow through the solenoid NO or COM port you will feel a little resistance, but air will flow. Complete system checkout avvc in next section. Relative1 leave as default Gear judge: Some units that are used and even new ones, may have settings that need to be reset before any new information is stored.

Put the car up on and remove the right front tire and the plastic fender. I have a touring model, and ended up removing my CD-player, getting an R1 console “pocket” and mounting it in the pocket.

Cut the two connectors from the stack of wires to make it easier to route the wires through the grommet and later solder and heat shrink them back together. First start off by reseting the unit.

APEXi Super AVC-R Instruction Manual

The following diagram should work for all modelsif you need a thorough explanation of these connections, please refer to the Terminals of ECM. You can also connect the pressure sensor to its harness, which you’ve just pulled through the firewall. Also, you should review the boost controller installation info on Steve Cirian’s and Rob Robinette’s sites And if it seems that a word is missing in a sentence It looks pretty good when complete.


Just note that the injector duty reading is irreverent in boost control, as opposed to the importance of proper RPM readings to control boost. If this doesn’t work, you may need to greatly reduce the duty cycle, i.

Please be careful, you can easily pop your motor with this thing! Again, Duty Cycle varies on different cars, but always try a lower Duty Cycle, and work your way up. As shown in the picture, decease run the wires through the orange grommet to the engine compartment, using a coat hanger to fish it through the grommet. STEP 1 Install the Solenoid The solenoid controls the air pressure manua, to the precontrol and wastegate actuators, thus allowing user control of boost.

Start-Duty This controls initial spiking – i. So I attempt to explain what each of the parameters does along with how to set it. The basic idea is, if boost consistently overshoots, increase number; if boost oscillates, decrease number.