Anselme Bellegarrigue. by Max Nettlau (). Excerpted from Max Nettlau , A Short History of Anarchism, trans. Ida Pilat Isca, ed. Heiner M. Becker. A collection of quotes attributed to French anarchist Anselme Bellegarrigue. 12 results for Books: “Anselme Bellegarrigue” by Bellegarrigue, Anselme ; Petit, Ramón The Anarchist Manifesto by Anselme Bellegarrigue ().

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XI Having achieved this level of liberation, we will be masters at home to ourselves; no one will be above the rest; no one will be above the common law; national sovereignty will be from then on a fact, and universal suffrage will have a democratic meaning.

Curious, indeed, and logically explicable by the facts. There can be on earth no interest superior to mine, no interest to which I owe even the partial sacrifice of my interests.

Anselme Bellegarrigue – Wikiquote

What did they mean to say when on February 24 they posted in the streets and printed in the newspapers that France had overthrown the government and regained its freedom? But woe to those who do not take note of the difference in the times! A myth, wicked and cowardly, whose ruinous culture occupies a million priests, all as insolent as they are fanatic.

He then returned to Paris, on the occasion of the Revolution of February We can therefore say of bellegarrrigue majority of the Assembly that which we said of the members of the provisional government: It is just a republic of which I am, of bellegartigue we are citizens — we, bellrgarrigue folk, who do not intrigue but pay for the irreverent national domesticity.

When the revolutionaries told us: If there are criminals in our communities, let us count them; it is an easy job; and if we find belleggarrigue few or if we do not find any, we are not going to believe that we exercise here the monopoly of equity: This institution alone is bad, is dangerous, and whoever is put at the head of this institution will immediately be as dangerous as the socialists; first, because he can become the institution, and second, because he can be surprised and conquered by the socialists, and, finally, because his system can be as bad as, or worse than, theirs.

Who puts it in danger? I proclaim my own accession to the sovereignty of action.


Anselme Bellegarrigue

That the socialists want to tame for the benefit of Monsieur Proudhon, in order to make it bite us. Those that own, do they fear that they might be individually plundered by those who do not? What I say is that, being in danger, we have already been handed over; because, in matters of public security, probabilities are certainties. Has anyone realized that the consequences of this event that shook the world must have the triumph of Monsieur Marrast and his friends as its limit?

To the Point! To Action!! An Interpretation of the Democratic Idea

These are the common, universal doctrines; before them the parties step aside and fade away; at these supreme points of public rendezvous, every Frenchman is in agreement and bellfgarrigue offers his hand. Well, a power whose acts are controlled has forfeited its rights, since its authority is undermined. On that occasion, democracy was crushed by the government without putting up a fight, because the people of Paris, ebllegarrigue in Juneproceeded in Juneas well as in Decemberto leave it to democracy and reaction to straighten things out as best they could.

One can challenge him, consequently, not to proclaim liberty — if that happens I will laugh — but to introduce that liberty into actions and lead him bellegarriigue be something other than a nonentity. There I have a positive fact. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Anselme Bellegarrigue – Wikidata

This is social harmony in its democratic simplicity, in what the Americans call, as they practice it, self-government, the government of oneself. A minister I speak of those whose administration applies to the instincts, to the tastes or to the interestsa minister could only respect the public right — I speak not of the written law — solely on the condition that he did not act; since, acting, he acts for everyone and in the aselme of everyone, it would be necessary for him to act well and without hurting anyone, that he has an instinct for current trends, a mind for current tastes and an awareness of the current interests of everyone.

Can we be a free people, as long as our entire existence, from the civil order to the hygienic order, will be so regulated?

Tolerance, in theological order, has not resolved the problem of civil concord; the problem rests also on tolerance in social and political order. To these words of sovereignty of the commune, all the great minds, who have dragged patriotism to the bar of vocabulary to make the Republic a question of words, exclaim in admiration the name three times holy of unity.


The French people have regained their freedom, we took the revolutionaries at their word and we proclaimed in our hearts the abolition not only of royalty, but of royal government, government that held closely chained in its administrative talons the liberty of France. Summary [ edit gellegarrigue Description Anselme Bellegarrigue.

Are you an author? What is opposed to the establishment of liberty, equality, fraternity among us? It is to say that society is never more completely lost than when it is saved. Enough of this audacity built on fear! France would have been pillaged, sacked, set ablaze, lost!

When the people have understood the position that has been reserved for them in these Saturnalias they pay for, when they have realized the ignoble and stupid role that they have been made to play, they will know that armed revolution is a heresy from the point of view of principles; they will know that violence is antipodal to right; and once resolved on the morality and the inclinations of the violent parties, whether those of government or revolutionary, there will be a revolution among them brought about by the single force of right: It is therefore not the socialists that it is necessary to fear, that it is necessary to exorcise; it is necessary to fear, it is necessary to exorcise the institution of government, by virtue of the fact that it can strike us.

Apart from the ministerial departments of the navy and war, which are annexes to that of foreign affairs, and apart from the grand judge, on whom rests judicial unity, all other ministries are incompatible with civil liberties, because they are only a dismemberment of the royal despotism that held all social elements in its grasp. Everything else is abstraction and, in mathematics, would be designated as “x”, and unknown quantity; and I need not trouble myself with it.