The first National Consultative Conference of the ANC was held at Morogoro, Tanzania, from 25 April to 1 May The conference has become known as the. A thread that runs all the way back to the ANC’s watershed consultative conference held in April in Morogoro in Tanzania darts through. of the Second National Consultative Conference of the African National Congress – Zambia. the post-Morogoro Conference period up to the present stage of our struggle. .. At this stage the Resolutions Committee presented its report. 2.

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Why not or or ? The first series of mass acts of deliberate defiance of the conqueror’s law after the crushing of the Bambata rebellion, was the campaign led by that outstanding son of the Indian people – Mahatma Gandhi.

But our task still remains that of defending and supporting the Department, without necessarily condoning its mistakes. The messages are compiled separately and are attached to this report. This is the perspective which is rooted at all levels of our liberation movements whether within or outside the army. It is surely a question of whether, in the given concrete situation, the course or policy advocated will aid or impede the prospects of the conquest of power.

From the time alien rule was imposed there has been – historically speaking – unbroken resistance to this domination. Not only would this practice amount to inequality again at the expense of the majoritybut it would lend flavour to the slander which our enemies are ever ready to spread of a multiracial alliance dominated by minority groups.

In this regard the Commission recommended that the Movement invites a specialist in transport management to advise on the appropriate system for our needs; that suitable candidates be identified and sent for training in transport management; that a code of conduct governing the use of transport be drawn up. Our policy must continually stress in the future as it has in the past that there is room in South Africa for all who live in it but only on the basis of absolute democracy.

The O’Malley Archives

It involves a stimulation and deepening of national confidence, national pride and national assertiveness. In these disturbed moments, the Department played a key role in neutralising all these enemy attempts at destroying the ANC. Without this lifeblood it is doomed. The winning of our freedom by armed struggle – the only method left open to us – demands more than passion.

It was a period of development and of regrouping under new conditions; a period in which newly created political resolutuons of the people continued to struggle with the enemy and grew into maturity; a period in which, above all, national consciousness began to assert itself against tribal sectionalism. The struggle of the oppressed people of South Africa is taking place within an international context of transition to the Socialist system, of the breakdown of the colonial system as a result of national liberation and socialist revolutions, and the fight for social and economic progress by the people of the whole world.


The third was the need to present an effective method for the overthrow of White supremacy through planned rather than spontaneous activity. Despite the fact that the conferrence of our members are inside the country, the National Consultative Conference can take decisions conferrnce the question and explain to the rest how we came to such conclusions. It demands, too, the dominance in our thinking of achievement over drama.

Under the modern highly sophisticated police state which South Africa is it is questionable whether a movement can succeed in a programme of mass political organisation beyond a certain point without starting a new type of action. Using the ANC’s own archives as well as new sources including the records of the East German state security service, the Stasi, this book tells the full story of the ANC in exile for the first time. This has never been so and will never be so.

No conflict of interest in son’s involvement – Angie Motshekga. To say this is not just to invoke tradition. It always centred round the problem of the most effective way of “keeping the native in his place”.

In this, special attention morogor be given to persons responsible for political education in liaison with RPC and other structures Political Education of the organisation.

Morogoro Conference – Wikipedia

Germany, France and the United States and Japan who have an enormous stake in the economy snc our country constitute a formidable support for the Apartheid regime. Related Articles Mandela’s secret history.

It is happening morogoto a new kind of world – a world which is no longer monopolised morogoto the imperialist world system; a world in which the existence of the powerful socialist system and a significant sector of newly liberated areas has altered the balance of forces; a world in which the horizons liberated from foreign oppression extend beyond mere formal political control and encompass anv element which makes such control meaningful – economic emancipation.

The class content of the national democratic revolution was also dealt with in the Morogoro Strategy and Tactics document. If more awareness of oppression combined with heroic examples by armed bands were enough, the struggle would indeed be simple. We should identify the social problems of our youth and students and guide them in action.


The Morogoro conference and the SACP

On the Bantustans, one comrade criticised the report in conderence it seemed to suggest that Bantustans were synonymous with rural areas, whereas in a number of instances urban areas are included within the borders of Bantustans.

But above all a scientific revolutionary strategy demands a correct appreciation of the political character of the forces which are ranged against one another in the South African Struggle for liberation.

To ignore the real situation and to play about with imaginary forces, concepts and ideals is to invite failure. For resolutiins we thank our Regional Preparatory Committees. These are some of the key questions posed during the presentation and discussion of the Commission reports:. For the moment the reality is that apart from a small group of revolutionary Whites, who have an honoured place as comrades in the struggle, we face what is by and conferennce a united and confident enemy which acts in alliance with, and is strengthened by world imperialism.

The report dealt at some length with the methods used by the Pretoria regime to recruit agents from among the oppressed, the type of training they undergo, and how to penetrate and operate in the ranks of the Organisation. Replying to the question as to whether we have consulted our people and leadership inside the country, Comrade President explained to Conference that originally we came out of the country with the understanding that we would go back quickly.

In continuing his opening remarks the President noted that we need to convey our deepest gratitude to the Party and Government of the Republic of Zambia for making it possible for the ANC to hold its Second National Consultative Conference on Zambian soil. The superior material resources of the enemy, the divided and often fragmented nature of the resistance, the unchallenged ascendancy of imperialism as a world system up to the beginning of the 20th century, the historically understandable absence of political cohesion and leadership in the people’s camp; these and other factors combined to end the first phase of resistance against alien domination.

Strategy and Tactics of the ANC –

To search the O’Malley archive please click here. Serving sentences Awaiting trial 9 National Executive Committee:. At this stage the Resolutions Committee presented its report. The sabotage campaign was an earnest indication resolutiohs our seriousness in the pursuit of this new strategy. In addition the major imperialist powers such as Britain, W.