Elementi di analisi chimica strumentale. Con espansione online. Per gli Ist. Tecnici e professionali Copertina flessibile – 9 apr Renato Cozzi Pierpaolo . Cozzi-Protti-Ruaro Analisi chimica strumentale Zanichelli site/ Files/Pubblicazioni/metodiAnaliticiAcque/ te. elementi di analisi chimica pdf. Idee per il tuo futuro Renato Cozzi Pierpaolo Protti Tarcisio Ruaro Elementi di analisi chimica strumentale.

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The teacher will also provide students with the slides shown in class, in the form of handouts. Introduction to the sample preparation. Particulate matter PM10, PM2.

Module: Drug extraction and synthesis lab.

Amministrazione Trasparente Albo Pretorio on-line Informazioni sulle singole procedure in formato tabellare Concorsi. In order to be able to understand and successfully apply the methodologies and techniques discussed within the Teaching Course, you must have followed strumentals lessons of Organic Chemistry I-II and Pharmaceutical Chemistry I and, possibly, to have passed the exam of Organic Chemistry I.

Pianificazione utilizzo Spazi UP. Domande Frequenti Hai Bisogno di Aiuto? Proseguendo la navigazione o cliccando su “Chiudi” acconsenti all’uso dei cookie.


Scheda insegnamento — Laurea Magistrale in Scienze chimiche

The course deal with more serious pollution phenomena that affect in a worrying way our planet. Skip to main content. EdiSES Scientific literature provided by the lecturer. The final mark is attributed by evaluating the learning of the student on the contents of the course and by strumenyale the complete mastery of the matter.

Teaching methods The Course is organized as follows: Course programme The analytical method; sampling and sample preparation; statistical analysis of results. By closing this banner or continuing browsing you accept the use of cookies.


Written test with a total of six exercises and open questions on several topics taken from the course program. Other information The supplementary activities are determined in agreement with students. Per assistenza contatta webmaster uniurb. The Course represents the study of the most significant methods and laboratory practices for the preparation tsrumentale isolation of biologically active substances and compounds of pharmaceutical interest.

Wastes and pollutants in soil. Content lectures, 5 CFU, 40 hours.

To follow this laboratory course it is necessary to get the approval in the following courses: Preparation of solutions and dilutions. Dynamic interactions with various environmental spheres: Part of the course will also be devoted to the study of new ecosustainable synthetic approaches through the use of advanced techniques and equipments such as microwave and anaisi apparatus.



Laurea Triennale in Biotecnologie. Processes affecting fate and transport of contaminants. Soil biomonitoring using ecotoxicological and biological indicators.

To be able to manage, regarding the essential features, the basic equipment of a laboratory for analytical chemistry, such as glassware, burettes, automatic pipettes, pH meter and spectrophotometer. Il manuale di autocontrollo. Proseguendo la navigazione o cliccando su “Chiudi” acconsenti all’uso dei cookie.

Oleaginous seeds chimiica vegetable oils 1,0 CFU. General features of a mass spectrum. Quality of analytical data: The main knowledge gained will be: Prevenzione del plagio nei testi Compilatio.

Information on the course unit. Two one-day school trips are expected to be carried out dedicated to field activity: