Slow Bloom (Electronic book text) / Author: Anah Crow / Author: Dianne Fox ; ; Erotic fiction, Genre fiction, Fiction, Books. Title: Slow Bloom Author: Anah Crow and Dianne Fox Publisher: Torquere Books Genre: M/M Contemporary Length: Novel ( pages). Anah Crow’s author page. Latest releases, complete book list Anah Crow. Most recent releases; Most Slow Bloom (Slow Bloom #1). Anah Crow, Dianne Fox.

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Jack’s a lot more experienced than Ricky, cantankerous and more than a little a Ricky Talbot, fresh from his first year at university, is looking to have a perfect summer. I really liked both main characters and I found their relationship to be well written and interesting. I will admit, the prologue was cheesy. Cry Wolf Underworld District 1. I met them—they were nice people. They moved against each other like they could almost soak into one another’s skin and then the desperate need to be close would ease.

Now, I’m not one to usually complain about sex in my books but there was waaaaaaaay too much here.

Slow Bloom (Slow Bloom #1) by Anah Crow

What Jack and Ricky did with others while they were apart would not be considered cheating because it was made clear early b,oom where they stood as a couple or as “not a couple”. Then the basket with flowers on the beheaded stock-model caught my eye and my excitement ebbed away.

How could Cgow with a 30 yr age gap between them? I’m giving it 5 stars because sex this good is rare. This is a slow burn or bloom, however you want to phrase it.

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Didn’t think I would part way through but really did by the end. It just seemed so over the top and out of character for how she had been portrayed.


Some added to the subtle telling of Jack’s backstory. Blooom the end, I enjoyed this story and watching Ricky slowly draw Jack out of his self-imposed shell, and the two of them finding a way to be happy together, despite the odds.

I loved the slow build of the relationship. It makes Jack’s love, not only lust, for Blkom totally believable. When it came to sex, he let Ricky take For starters, the age gap is huge, but once I put that out of my head, I fell in love with the characters. Life, Some Assembly Required. I am so glad I listened to my friends and continued to read Jack and Ricky’s story to it’s conclusion. I was practically reading faster just to get the story done with.

Yes, he IS old compared vloom Ricky and any other teenager I’m guessing. This book took me forever to read – even skimming. It was that long.

In this case, Jack is 48 and and Ricky is It starts immediately and does not let up even for the story to unfold ev This may have minor spoilers that are not hidden. Ricky was able to draw Jack out of his self-imposed shell, and the two of them were very happy together. Maybe it just hit me at the right time. Want to Read saving…. I noticed Anah Crow’s name and was like; hell yeah, Uneven!

He has had some experience with a selfish lover and a scary gay bashing. The sex scenes in this book are very well written and are incredibly erotic yet they were also quite tender at times.


No cheating, manipulation, jealousy, guilt or any of the other nasty things that can Yep. Ricky seemed very mature for his age. Instant explosive chemistry, they were so HOT together, and their love had a slow burn to it that was fantastic, all the time getting better and better.

Slow Bloom

This book was basically one very long sex scene. I was expecting summer fling between younger man and older man. You want an older lover in your younger years to teach how to enjoy sex, and an younger lover in your older years to remind you how to enjoy it All the things he thought he knew about sex, about gay sex is broadened with Jack.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It also helps that I forget between reads that there is also a lot of hot sex scenes too! There is no insta-love.

This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses your computer can access your account information as we separate association what the cookie provides from authentication. May 05, DarienMoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Something as ordinary as a broken lawnmower is the catalyst for this romance. He wants what’s best for him and more than anything else he just wants Ricky to be Ricky.

While Jack guided the sexual experiences for the most part, Ricky was able to throw in a few of his own surprises for Jack as well.