Night Prayer (Contemporary) on Monday 31 December A Service of Night Prayer (Compline) from Common Worship: Daily Prayer. and calm, quiet words, fine music and the words of a Celtic Compline, we refresh this tradition. The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand , by Bosco Peters. . of Canada has posted the services of Compline and Holy Communion from the The Book of Common Prayer of the US Episcopal Church is now.

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Texts for Common Prayer

Fourth Sunday of February, April, and October at 7: Book of Common Prayer Standard English Project ‘an early stage collaborative effort to produce a version of the Book of Common Prayer which differs in as much as is possible only in having a modernised language and visual format’.

Compline is third Sundays of the month at cpmpline Podcasts amerian available as well as a video. An all-male ensemble sings the Office of Compline at 7pm on the first Sunday of the month.

Also includes the Daily Office lectionary and an optional graphic calendar-view feature. Compline, however, takes place right before bed and unless you are an insomniac: It is based both on the Church of England’s abortive Liturgy, and on Eastern forms’ for use in what is now Sri Lanka.

First Sunday of the month at 9pm. We also have just begun offering a podcast recording of the service, which you can subscribe to on iTunes: Wherever possible, the pages are dynamic — pulling Bible Passages from a database for insertion into the Daily Offices — and interwoven — linking various liturgies to proper prayers, anthems, and other pages or passages.


The Daily Office SSF came to be used in far more places and by far more people than had ever been envisaged and, ina revision of the text was authorised, in the light of increased liturgical knowledge, advances made in other parts of the Church and not least in the use of language.

Parishioners throw the processional cross angliican the river when they object to processions. On this page, we list editions and translations of BCP texts available online.

Schola Cantorum, Christ Church Ep. Marks Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle. Compline is offered every Monday at 10pm.

Known as ‘Common Worship’, the material is a mixture of old and new that offers much for the collective worship and life of the Church. Compline is sung every Sunday at 6: Psalms and the Psalter. This web site is independent. The daily office americxn sung, in Latin, by the Canons Regular of St. Sorry about the delay.

This series was begun to explain our elaborate ritual to parishioners and visitors alike’. Although superseded in by a contemporary-language liturgy, this BCP may be used in the Holy Catholic Church of Japan with permission of local diocesan bishops.

Cranmer left a legacy of two chief prayer services at the beginning and end of the day filled with Scripture, hymns, and prayer. This page last updated 14 December Begun insings every Sunday evening at 8pm. US Episcopal Church lectionary sites. Compline is perhaps the easiest office to add to your daily prayer life. This seminal work of the nineteenth-century ritualist movement is now available online, replete with scans of its numerous engravings.


Yahgan is an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego; it has just one remaining speaker. Check to see if their singing of the offices is open to the public. Lutheran Church of Honolulu: This translation was published in Canadian Aboriginal Syllabicsand it is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. The author is the Revd Richard Major, our sometime associate, who is also a correspondent for The Tablet.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Shoshoni This translation of parts of the BCP into Shoshoni was prepared by missionary-translator John Robertswith the assistance of native speakers of Shoshoni. Every Fourth Sunday at 8pm, September through April.

Anglicans Online | Books of Common Prayer

Anglican Dioceses and Parishes. Sundays, Sep — April. Thanks for checking in! Closely related to the A comprehensive site on the remarkable and much-loved English poet, George Herbert. Visit the AO Shop.