A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Arriving on the distant planet with Leia, their children and. A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Arriving on the distant planet with. Ambush at Corellia, and its subsequent books in the trilogy, is a simple story that is worth it if you haven’t got a [ ].

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Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, has unified the Jedi order into a cohesive group of powerful knights. This story was centered around the Corellian systemconsisting of a group of habitable planets known as the Five Brothers: To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. One thing is clear: About this product Synopsis A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo backto the home world he left many years before. The dig was allegedly for the purpose of uncovering historical artifacts, but the cover story was thin.

English Choose a language for shopping. It just didn’t feel right to me. Open Preview See a Problem? They set off to meet the first candidate, which forces Gleasry, who assumed that Luke a,bush have been traveling to Corellia, to use an alternative delivery method for his encoded message. The mystery unfolds slowly, and I’m still left wanting more. Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!


Mar 19, Clrellia rated it liked it Shelves: The Corellian Trilogy – Legends Book 3. Oct 07, Purple Osprey rated it liked it. I liked the scene where Leia has a lightsaber sparring match with Luke.

Author Roger Macbride Allen seemed to have a really impressive way of spinning a tale and bringing me in. They go visit Han’s home planet of Corellia, somewhere that could be dangerous to the family, but it seems they can never escape that, anyway. Belindi initially struck me as a woman that was good to look at but far from drop dead gorgeous. Skip to main content.

Timothy Zahn Narrated by: One thing is clear: Meanwhile, Luke, who was struggling with being an unneeded old war hero in a time of peace, was assigned a mission by Mon Mothma who could relate to his conditionmostly to keep him occupied.

Arriving on the distant planet zmbush Leiatheir children, and ChewbaccaHan finds Corellia overrun with agents of the New Republic Intelligence and finds himself part of a deceptive plan whose aim ar even he understands.

Martin Paperback, Dracmus was arrested as a ringleader in a plot against the corrupt Human League. The whole trilogy could have been easily fit into one book. It probably helps that in the Star Wars universe you can never go wrong with throwing a bunch of Corellians together and seeing what happens. It was from the Hidden Leader, informing them that if his future demands were not met, he would begin to trigger supernova explosions within a number of stars in the Corellian system.

Ambush at Corellia by Roger Macbride Allen

Abmush best characters here are Han and the children. Through this scene, we learn that Leia is going to a Corellian ah conference with others from a Coruscant delegation, to hopefully formally bring Corellia into the New Republic. Showdown at Centerpoint When a loyalist ship approaching Selonia is blasted out of space, Han Solo quickly realizes that rebel forces are turning planetary repulsors into weapons of immense destruction.


One is understandable, two forgivable, but more than three is sloppy.

– Books – Reviews | Ambush at Corellia

The dig was allegedly for the purpose of uncovering historical artifacts, but the cover story was thin. Legacy of the Aat 1: It’s about time she started using some of her Jedi Powers! Feb 02, Pages Buy.

At first it would seem a bit forced, but MacBride Allen has woven her in well. Similarly, the New Republic is aware of very dangerous and uncertain conditions in the Corellian sector, but have no problem allowing Leia, the most important figure in the entire government, to go there for vacation. Since then, the New Republic has valiantly Kalenda made her way back to Corellia ahead of the Solo family, undercover as a lower-class trader with engine troubles.

Kalenda, whom he had discovered was spying on them. I love how Han and Leia explain the political and economical situation of the Corellian Sector to aambush children in a way that makes sense, doesn’t demean them, and yet also doesn’t bog them down with information better suited for adults.