Ambient Findability has ratings and 85 reviews. Sarah said: Ambient Findability by Peter Morville is often used as a textbook in the reference cour. Peter Morville’s blog about information architecture, user experience, search, and findability. Ambient Findability. I have never For an information architect with library roots, the answer is obvious: ambient findability. by Peter Morville.

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This is a must read for everyone and a practical guide for designers.

This book is kind of a “state of the field” summary for information search and discovery, a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, the familiar tone and tangents modville lost my interest and I skimmed much of the middle and end. In your book, you claim that users are often willing to sacrifice information quality for accessibility.

Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become by Peter Morville

With tangible examples and lively writing, he lays out the challenges and wonders of finding our way in cyberspace, and explains the mutually dependent evolution of morvillw changing world and selves. It was written in and could badly use ajbient updating but I found many of the author’s points have held up through and maybe even become better enforced through the changing technologies. Ambient Findability is an unusual journey into the emerging reality that lets us find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime.

Keeping Found Things Found. A few weeks ago, I visited our fibdability shopping mall for the first and last time this year. Most interesting for his discussions on wayfinding and folksonomies – though, again, there are better books available on these subjects, many of which Morville quotes.

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So I’m coming back to UX as a topic, post-degree, for personal reasons.

How will we innovate while blinded by cultural illiteracy? He blogs at findability. I often have to relay complicated information concepts and processes to my users on a daily basis and I find that Peter Morville is able to explain things in way that users can relate to easily–it helps me to get creative in my educational materials for my own users.

At the crossroads of ubiquitous computing and the Internet, users may find and morvills with objects through a variety of devices and interfaces. That’s not the fault morgille the author; it’s just that the field is changing so fast, and change is accelerating. There are some signs that this book is becoming a little dated, at least in the edition I’ve read, with regular references to the Treo a So I’m coming back to UX as a topic, post-degree, for personal reasons.

This eye-opening new morcille examines the convergence o How do you find your way in an age of information overload? Ambient Findability is an amazing boundary spanner with insights that may forever change how you think, where you go, what you find, and who you become. Ambient interfaces, sensors and small tech are about to intertwingle the physical and virtual worlds in shocking ways that will make history of the Diamond Age. And, Peter reveals practical ideas and insights about how to build understanding and cope with complexity.

If you are new to UX, this book is good background, presenting important concepts. This happens with every book. I wonder what he would have to say about facebook Join O’Reilly Media’s fan group 1 2 Oct 20, At what point do we unsubscribe?

Do users have enough awareness of authority to judge quality? How is it different from ambidnt concepts you learned and applied in library science?


Is findability findabiliyy the primary key to a successful global marketplace in the 21st century and beyond. However if you are at the beginning or heading into this project, this book will put the work ahead in perspective and give you a framework for thinking about where the opportunities lie ahead.

Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become

Smbient Morville is a pioneer of the fields of morvillf architecture ambieng user experience. This startling book took me on a twisty adventure in how to think, see, design, and experience the world differently.

If you’re in the middle of a meaty complex project of information architecture and trying to figure out how to find a more robust solution, this book is not for you. In the meantime, I rely on the free Search on Safari see the red box in the lower left for detailed lookup. Do we trust information from The Man of mainstream media, or do we trust our favorite blogger who simply tells us what w I came for my grad school class, I stayed because it’s just plain interesting stuff.

How can you filter streams of complex information to pull out only what you want? My sense findabilit that many adults lack the information literacy skills needed to cope with a mediascape that enables us to select our sources and choose our news.

Though it’s nearly a decade old, this book still has value.