Amber Diceless Role-Playing: Diceless Role-Playing System [Erick Wujcik] on My absolute favorite roleplaying game and my first edition book that I have had. AMBER Diceless Role-Playing is a system set in, and designed around Roger Zelazny’s Amber universe. It features a unique (for its time) diceless resolution. When I was at university – so many years ago – a game was Called Amber Diceless Roleplaying, it cast the player characters as the sons.

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You wanted to be the best spellcaster? A character’s ability scores are purchased during character creation in an auction ; players get character pointsand bid on each attribute in turn. Some Amberzine issues are still available from Phage Press.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

The book includes some material from the short story “The Salesman’s Tale,” and some unpublished material cut from Prince of Chaosambet citation needed ] notably Coral’s pregnancy by Merlin. And it helped promote role-playing because the best allies for your character were the other characters. If you have Logrus, you just send out a tendril and pull it back to you.

This often means that the only individuals who are capable of opposing a character are from his or her family, a fact that leads to much suspicion and intrigue. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you have the higher stat, you will win; maybe not quickly, but eventually. The universe you’re in may have different laws of physics ie.: Amber DRPG advises gamemasters to change rules as they ambee fit — even to the point of adding or removing powers or attributes.

Of course, these things can be changed and adapted when the campaign starts, but at least have a starting point. Every one in the Amber family is a surgeon by this method because it’s too useful. Retrieved from ” https: The character who bids the most for an attribute is “ranked” first and is considered superior to all other characters in that attribute.


Difeless Chronicles of Amber. The character with 1st rank in each attribute is considered “superior” in that attribute, being considered to be substantially better than the character with 2nd rank even if the difference in scores is small. A willingness to spend as many points as possible on an attribute may improve your chances of a high ranking, but too reckless a spending strategy could leave a player with few points to spend on powers and objects.

Wujcik also expressed a desire to create a book giving greater detail to the Courts of Chaos. A high enough opening bid could signal a player’s determination to be first ranked in that attribute, thereby dissuading others from competing.

In May roeplaying, Rite Publishing secured a license from Diceless by Design to use the rules system with a new setting in the creation of a new product dicrless be written by industry and system veteran Jason Durall. The initial bidding helped set up the rivalries between the characters. Amber DRPG was created in the s, and is much more focused on relationships and roleplaying than most of the roleplaying games of that era.

And, happily for those unfamiliar with the novels, the rulebook contains a useful summary of their events, though only as described in the novels because the narrator is not necessarily infallible and most GMs also tinker with the setting to their- look, basically, expect a lot of variety between Amber experiences.

Most GMs running the system don’t do that kind of thing, but This supplemental rule book includes the remaining elements from the Merlin novels, such as Broken Patterns, and allows players to create Constructs such as Merlin’s Ghostwheel.


Amber Diceless Roleplaying (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

In any given fair conflict between two characters, the character with the higher score in the relevant attribute will eventually win. A page companion volume, Shadow Knight[4] was published in The Amber family makes Eldrad and Creed look like amateurs because those guys have only had a single lifetime to learn how to be total dicks.

Close ranks result in longer contests while greater difference between ranks result in fast resolution. Views Read Edit View history.

The first book assumes that gamemasters will set their campaigns after the Patternfall war; that is, after the end of the fifth book in the series, The Courts of Chaosbut roleplayying material from the following books to describe those parts of Zelazny’s cosmology that were featured there in more detail. The auction serves to introduce some unpredictability into character creation without the need to resort to dice, cards, or other randomizing devices.

Part of this comes from a lack of knowledge about the setting. The trick here is to provide a character that is interesting to interact with… and can be interacted with in separate ways by different PCs. There was definitely a winner in that game!

Warfare, Endurance, Strength and Psyche. Well, that person over there beat you! Authors Erick Wujcik First Publication Amber Diceless Roleplaying is considered the granddaddy of diceless RPGs, even if it wasn’t the first, and even if the mechanics were never re-used again.