Comportamiento del tizón temprano del tomate (Alternaria solani) en las condiciones del municipio de Holguín, Cuba []. Ricardo, N.S., Dirección Provincial. Evaluación de fungicidas para el control de tizón temprano (Alternaria solani) en tomate []. Maeso, D. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the. Se recogen resultados del estudio de la interacción de “A. solani” con tomate y papa empleando aislados fúngicos de Cuba, EEUU, Turquía, Grecia, Rusia y.

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The calibration pattern curve was performed with cinnamic acid at1 mg. The favorable effect of MVA on tomato yield is well known under Cuban field conditions 25 as well as in reducing infection by A.

Only in ASM-spirulina and spirulina-mycorrhizas treatments, the differences were significant Fig. Na literatura foi encontrado apenas um relato sobre o controle de A. Field Control of Bacterial Spot and Bacterial speck of tomato using a plant activator. After d of pathogen inoculation, the necrotic leaf area NLAnumber of spots per leaf SPL and yield were determined. After 10 days of inoculating the pathogen, the numbers of spots per leaf SPL were counted in three plants per treatment.

The effect of fungicide schedules and inoculum levels on early blight severity and yield of potato.

Alternaria solani sobrevive primeiramente em restos da cultura. Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria.

Plagas y enfermedades del tomate

Mientras que en el tallo y peciolo se producen lesiones negras y con forma alargada. Bacterial spot of pepper and tomato. Effects of inoculum concentration, wetness duration and plant age on development of early blight Alternaria solani and on shedding of leaves in tomato plants. Greenhouse aspersions resulted in almost complete control of Alternaria 27 ; however, its severity reduction was less impressive in the field.

Bacterial fruit blotch of cucurbits. The enzyme inducing effect of the micorrhizas, could be reinforced by ASM, since mycorrhizas or ASM by themselves showed no significant effects on reducing infection by A. Diagnostic Assay Validation Terminology.


Early blight of potato and tomato (Pinta-preta {Alternariose} da batata e tomate – Português)

The mycorrhizas were inoculated only once at planting by coating the seeds. Shoemaker] em trigo usando extrato aquoso de Artemisia camphorata Vill.

In most treatments, glucanase was notably the enzyme with higher level over 4. Chemical and biocidal investigations on essential oils of some Indian Curcuma species. Seven treatments mycorrhizas, spirulina, ASM, their combinations, and an untreated control were studied to assess the plant enzymatic activity and response to the disease after artificial inoculations of a mixture of A.

The resistance inductors have no direct antimicrobial effects, so it is assumed that the best results in field application are obtained by combining them with fungicides or antibacterial treatment 5. Tomate Lycopersicon esculentumBatata Solanum tuberosum.

The effect of pretreatment of the susceptible tomato cultivar HC with Glomus clarumArthrospira platensis and acibenzolar-S-methyl ASM was determined under field conditions. Despite the benefits of ASM, experiments in tomato leaf discs and different concentrations of A.

The ASM showed itself to be effective in the greenhouse, sufficing a single application of the product to achieve protection in the field; however, ASM does not always provide protection against pathogens 8. Plants of the tomato cultivar HC were used. Even, the same authors indicated ASM had no measurable effect on the early and late blight of potato when applied without the accompaniment of fungicides underfield conditions in the UU.

The analysis of the nine response variables was integrated using analysis of the principal components with standardized data due to the different scales on a correlation matrix The mechanism of action of ASM, by either over- or under-expression, modifies genes encoding defense proteins 4.

Domestication affected the basal and induced disease resistance in common bean Phaseolus vulgaris.

All inoculated plants were infected, although the level of infection in all treatments was low. In general, yield was low in the experiment here in reported, despite the fact that it was performed in the optimum growing season winter.

MARA, nueva variedad de tomate de mesa.

The maximum damage in terms of SPL and NLA matched the low-medium degrees of the scales proposed to evaluate the disease in the same province 18where up tomaye 20 spots were included in the lowest leaves Cuban populations of A. Los pulgones tienen enemigos naturales que ayudan a su control como Chrysoperla carnea o Chrysopa formosa.


Detectable levels of all enzymes were observed in the control treatment Table 3confirming the existence of a constitutive enzyme level in the cultivar. Leaf samples were taken from the plotstreated 59 days after planting, just before inoculation with the fungus. The results showed herein suggested the ASM-mycorrhizas treatment to reduce the progression of mm necrotic spots in the host lowest NLA rather than to prevent infection events highest SPL.

Table 1 shows the different resistance-inducing products and treatments.

Principales plagas y enfermedades del tomate

The cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis Nordstedt Gomont Spirulina is marketed primarily as a nutritional supplement in humans In Potato Health Management. New alternatives to fungicides with low environmental impact and low toxicity to living beings have been tested to evaluate their ability to control diseases. The first principal component CP1 was strongly and positively correlated with the original enzymatic variables, while NLA was also strongly correlated with these variables but negatively.

Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the potential of turmeric extracts and curcumin on the control of tomato early blight under greenhouse conditions.

The results achieved showed that a cultivar susceptible to early blight like HC could be protected from pathogen attack by the combined application of mycorrhizas and ASM. Para compartir esta historia, elija cualquier plataforma. Se estudiaron siete tratamientos: The enzyme CHIT showed no significant differences in none of the treatment at 0d, nor elicited at 24h after inoculations of the pathogen data not shownand in general at none of the times evaluated.

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