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It is not to say that communities did not practice female infanticide before that rather there were communities that took pride in the fact they were the bride takers and not bride givers.

Allah Mian Thalay Aa – Digital Books Library

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Aa a culture that worships women as Goddesses in the religious texts why there is inherent hatred for living women is something to ponder about.

May be the helicopter they saved for is not good alah to secure her a prince in shinning amour. This week the Census of India exposed our veneer of India shinning. Recent Comments girlsguidetosurvival on Desi Gifts: From the wet market Mostly vegetarian meals from Asia.

Allah Mian Thalay Aa Poetry Book By Saeen Akhtar Lahori Punjabi Poetry Book Free PDF

Herparents could not pay a dowry so they marry her to a widower with children her age. Sparsh Own your relationships.


Ask Before Marrying Assertiveness: Instead of appreciating his effort and emulating it people in the community gossiped about his son, that he had some flaw impotency that he had to be sold for no dowry. On every festival her natal kin is expected to send gifts to her and her in-laws. But if marriage was the bane of desi woman kind then there ought not to be other crimes against women outside the homes and especially married women.

Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. If marriage benefits men then do all men benefit from it? This site uses cookies. Marriages and death feasts became the deciding point. Zerqa Abid Own your relationships. We are really very near to solving the problem of crime against women; simple formula no women no crime against women.

His young daughter-in-law was discriminated by other women in the family because she came from poor family and often did not have lofty gifts from her parents to flaunt. Twitter did not respond. What does a marriage has to offer that women and their families spend all their energies and monies to feed this oppressor? Don’t let them own you.

More girl children are missing in a main. We need to be internationally rewarded for our extreme success in eliminating girl children in the year age group.

Shafiq Ur Rahman Khan Own your relationships. Few weeks ago DG made a comment on a post about if marriages are over rated. Blog Statshits.


Bikramjit on Desi Gifts: This video compliments what she says. Huzaifa on Desi Gifts: Her reputation depends on these gifts. If not then who are these men who lose in marriage and why? More loyal than the crown…. If women are oppressed by the inequalities inherent in marriage so are their natal families. Understanding desi marriage is a bit complex. Marriage is not the end goal but is the new beginning to sustain this monstrous system. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Village Devra in Rajasthan did not marry a single daughter in years and now again is in news for all the wrong reasons. Is marriage only oppressive to women? misn

It is then a rise in female infanticide along with dowry was observed. Marriage as an explanation for failing sex ratio is too simplistic; oppression of women thalw complex and multifactorial phenomenon. The natal families do not just comprise of all women they do have male members, brothers, fathers and other kinsmen. Pooja Priyamvada on Desi Gifts: Does it ever end?