Konstruktivna algebra – algebarske strukture i prsten endomorfizma: (doktorska disertacija). Front Cover. Daniel A. Romano. D. A. Romano, QR code for Osnove algebarske strukture. Title, Osnove algebarske strukture. Author, Vladimir Benčić. Publisher, Znanje, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Title: Konstruktivna algebra – algebarske strukture i prsten endomorfizama. Author: Romano, Daniel. URI: Date:

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We give also some interesting geometric examples of cubic structures. Notes to answerer Asker: View Ideas submitted by the community. Some relations between these three circles and elements of a triangle are investigated. Mostarac, Self-dual codes from orbit matrices and quotient matrices of combinatorial designs, Discrete Math.

Term search All of ProZ. The concepts of equicevian points and equiangular lines of a triangle in an isotropic plane are studied in this paper. In this paper, we examine the Jerabek hyperbola of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane.

Grading comment Selected automatically based on peer agreement. The connection between affine regular icosahedron and affine regular octahedron in a general GS- quasigroup will be researched. Haemers, Walk-regular divisible design graphs, Des. Egan, On equivalence of negaperiodic Golay pairs, Des.

In this paper the concept of the Kiepert triangle of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is introduced. Rukavina, The construction of combinatorial structures and linear codes from orbit matrices of strongly regular graphs, Hypergraphs, Graphs and Designs, Sant’Alessio Siculo, Italy, JuneA.

Algebra: Relacije i algebarske strukture – Ilija Kovačević – Google Books

Primite my kind regards!: Vote Promote or demote ideas. Important properties of the Kiepert hyperbola will be investigated in the case of the standard triangle. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Rukavina, Self-dual codes from quotient matrices of symmetric divisible designs with the dual property, Discrete Math.


In this paper the concept of Crelle-Brocard points of the triangle in an isotropic plane is defined. In this paper the concept of ARO-quasigroup is introduced and some identities which are valid in a general ARO-quasigroup are proved.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: You are asking about Calculus I only, but it is easy to explain all three.

diskretna matematika – Croatian-English Dictionary – Glosbe

Non associative algebraic structures and their application Neasocijativne algebarske strukture i njihove primjeneMinistry of Science, Education and Sports of the Algebarkse Croatia, Department of Mathematics, University Of Zagreb, Principal investigator: In this paper it is shown that in an isotropic plane the pencils of circles, corresponding to the Griffiths’s and Thebault’s pencil of circles in the Euclidean plane, coincide. Prijedlog tema diplomskih radova. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

A number of statements about the relationship between Crelle-Brocard points and some other significant elements of a triangle in an isotropic plane are also proved.

Struukture, A6algebarke pages. The concept of the affine fullerene C60 will be constructed in a general GS-quasigroup using the statements about the relationships between affine regular pentagons and affine regular hexagons. We prove that the existence of a cubic structure on the given set is equivalent to the existence of a totally symmetric medial quasigroup on this set, and it is equivalent to the existence of a commutative group on this set. In this paper we examine the relationships between cubic structures, totally symmetric medial quasigroups, and commutative groups.


By means of these examples, each theorem that can be proved for an abstract cubic structure has a number of geometric consequences.

Parnost funkcije

The images of some well known elements of a triangle with respect to this mapping will be studied. Automatic update in We also explore some other interesting properties of this hyperbola and its connection with some other significant elements of a triangle in an isotropic plane. Thereby different properties of the struktuer center, the Gergonne point, the Lemoine line and the de Longchamps line of these triangles are obtained. Some other statements about the introduced concepts and the connection with the concept of complementarity, isogonality, reciprocity, as well as the Brocard diameter, the Euler line, and the Steiner point of an allowable triangle are also considered.

The concept of the Steiner point of a triangle in an isotropic plane is defined in this paper.

The “geometric” concepts of midpoint, parallelogram and affine-regular octagon is introduced in a general ARO-quasigroup. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

Rukavina, Self-orthogonal codes from the strongly regular graphs on up to 40 vertices, Adv. A number of statements about relationships between some concepts of the triangle and their dual concepts are also proved.

The concept of the Kiepert hyperbola of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is introduced in this paper. The theorem of the unique determination of the affine regular icosahedron by means of its four vertices which satisfy certain conditions will be proved.