The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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He argues that Nature gave us sexual organs for our own pleasure, and that it would insult her to use them otherwise, citing examples from Greek mythology and culture, as well as refuting counterarguments based on the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Lists with This Book.

Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is schooloby to dchoolboy his love for his pupil and has to overcome with reason the full array of early modern arguments against sodomy raised by the initially reluctant boy, until the latter is finally eager to accept him.

Finally, a word on this edition. Rocco, or rather Philotimes, then proceeds to show how sfhoolboy these things are superior to the alternatives. Presumably it was done from the Italian, which was to be printed in the same volume. Josh marked it as schhoolboy May 17, As Neri also noted, this suggests that Loredano, as the source of the manuscript, had at least some role in the publication of the book, if indeed he was not the actual publisher.

He left behind alciibiades and supporters in Venice, however, in the Academia degli Incogniti there, who could well have seen manuscripts he left behind into print in the early s. With the rise of scientific literary criticism in the 19th century a new candidate for authorship arrived, proposed by Gianbattista Baseggio in Main categories Encyclopedia Entertainment Life.

Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is dying to consummate his love for his pupil and has to overcome with reason the full array of early modern arguments against sodomy raised by the initially reluctant boy, until the latter is finally eager to accept him. He might have written it when he was much younger, and I have been holding it in manuscript form for 20 years.

Is it a satire on Machiavelli’s doctrine of expediency?

Alcibiades The Schoolboy

The oldest existing copies of the work come from two editions, the title pages of which indicate they were from the printer Juan Wart, of Orange, France, inthe first an octavo of pages, the second a duodecimo of pages. The principle difference is, of course, the age-inequality, which today tthe foreign to our notion of homosexuality. In dialogue form, it is virtually a manual on how to seduce boys. Refresh and try again.


On its face, it is both an extensive, semi-serious compilation of philosophical arguments regarding sodomy, and, at the same time, given the mock-horror of the introduction, the fantastical conceit of a frisky pupil giving his wise old mentor a good run for his money – the intellectual equivalent, one might say, of Cardinal Pirelli’s pursuit of Chicklet around the cathedral in Firbank’s novel?

Views Page Discussion View source History. Boylove in literature Italian literature Fiction. The suggestion that it is a “pedophile” novel similarly can be dismissed: Not to use her gifts is to insult her, not to apply her inventions is to alienate oneself from her, to be in revolt against her, and to deserve in consequence to be deprived of life itself.

Alcibiades the schoolboy / Antonio Rocco ; translated by J.C. Rawnsley. – Franklin

E del libertinismo esprime l’essenza e gli intenti, ossia l’opposizione alle regole, alle convenzioni, alle imposizioni del potere secolare e religioso.

An historical and philosophical dissertation in the form of a dialogue? If she gives us pleasure, it is because she wishes it, and thus, by enjoying it, we render homage to the dearest, the wisest, the richest and the kindest of all mothers. The earliest editions bore the attribution “D.

The first time this little-known 17th century classic alclbiades appeared in English. But Alcibiades is almost a century too late, and, despite Aretino’s being accused and acquitted of sodomy in a politically motivated prosecution late in his life, it just wasn’t his style.

It is his name, then, which beginning in appears as author on the new title page of the French translations published in Brussels although alciniades also reproduce a facsimile of the Italian title page ofwith the “D. Mader overstates an important point: E alla fine, dopo pagine e pagine intrise di concetti rivoltanti e di misoginia le donne, che esseri orribili!

Hanhquyen marked it as to-read Mar 03, No – on the contrary, she has done simply everything possible for us, both for our pleasure and for her own glorification. scchoolboy

Mostly, I think it comes from the sheer joie de vivre underlying the dialogue. Alcibiades the Schoolboy is significant as the first homosexual novel – the first clear expression of a homosexual identity and subculture in the modern West; and it is significant as a reminder of the cultural importance and heritage of age-structured homosexual relationships in European culture. This is not a description of same-sex behaviours embedded in another context, as in the case of the Satyricon, for instance, but a consistent, deliberate marshalling of arguments regarding male-male sexual behaviour, with no purpose aside from that – and that can only be the result of a consciousness and identity shared by the author and his audience.


Even in – perhaps precisely in – the otherwise hyperbolic language about the attraction of boys “from nine to eighteen” p. At a rather higher level a presentation of the same argument, that the text is a critique of sodomy, can be found in a recent discussion of L’Alcibiade by Armando Maggi.

Edmund Marlowe, author of Alexander’s Choice, a modern story of pederastic love, www. ReFiloscio added it Jan 20, It is not three times, but four, which makes the charm.

Today a new Rocco is badly needed, for despite doing his best to answer all, Philotimes was unable to anticipate a day when the adolescent consent to sex he fought so hard and well to obtain would be held in contempt. The eponymous Athenian boy is presumably intended to be the famous Athenian general well-known for the amorous attentions he excited in his boyhood, but the book is a philosophical dialogue rather than a story about real people: There is plenty of satire ranging from the unphilosophical over-excitement of the supposed philosopher to the outrageous excess of some of his arguments.

Retrieved from ” http: Although the attribution was accepted by bibliographers for over two centuries, that was largely for the lack of alternatives. Unquestionably satire is applied liberally, and the portrait of Philotimes in his infatuation as falling so far from the self-knowledge and moderation that are the ideal for a philosopher is but one example, though a major one.

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