factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Nancy G Date: Views: aion asmodian guideaion asmodian farming guideasmodian farming guide lvl20aion kinahaion gold. The world in Aion. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you.

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Because this is how are we gguide to play the game now! Log in to your account. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

How To Make Kinah Guide

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. They might have a cunning plan. Just though about it.

Since you’re a master in alchemy, I’d recommend crafting Superior Wind Serums. So there is no any reason to stay low level, better level up as fast as possible, even if you will have limited entries first week or two.

Please don’t create these kind of posts because gameforge might used it as a viable solution to the current kinah issue. Think of that difference: Im afraid that after reading your guide gameforge gonna “fix” the broker by deleting it.


Not trying to be condescending, just making sure I explain everything as I’m not sure what was available when you last played. The tower of Eternity came ugide this year certainly has features which it much most MMO players MMO games pertaining to being played method. Create a website for free.

Guide – “How to make kinah now” for dum… daevas

MMOCarts will delivery the cataclysm gold you within 30minutes after order confirmed, just keep your game the internet. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

They sell at about 65k each on DN-A. Edited October 18, by Vantheria-DN.

Aion Kinah Guide – Kinah Making Methods In Aion Online :: Shrinecanada10

Also you will be able to participate in hero quests if you are in eu server you will get 3 all-powered stones per week for those. Sell everything you have to vendor.

tuide Its not a good idea to build a group of lvl 66 but if you join an experienced group its easy! Always auction your items at rock bottom Trade Broker price. Thisfor mesounds more like a slavery rather than gameplay. That’s what really psss me off.


[EU]Best way of making kinah : aion

Secondly, another process to earn cheap aion kina is crafting and farming items that happen to be to be sold onto the guidde dwelling. Greedy shugos gonna take some kinah tho Posted October 19, Although, don’t set the price too low because still that is really generate a cost drop for the goods you sell.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sorry if I dumbed this down too much. Guidee lower levels, some more profitable things are selling enchantment stones you make and some of the more unique skins Kromede’s trial skins for example, I’ve sold them for anything between 1 and 20M kinah.

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Sign In Sign Up. Later on you should create more than 1 account for kinah cap every week! Also, chronos stones sell at around 3.