I picked this up pretty cheap, just looking for some more adat ins/outs for integrating hardware signal processing into my DAW mixes. recording format with three models in the range: the professional M20, the XT20 and the cheaper. LX Other than a slightly different front panel finish, the XT20 . Any thoughts on this machine? They are reasonable, price wise on Ebay (for me anyway) and was wondering if anybody has had any.

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ST tapes can also be used for shorter projects; the XT20 automatically recognizes the shorter length of the ST because the hubs used in the cassette are larger. If you re-format over a previously formatted tape, do not stop in the middle of re-formatting.

Track Copy RACK It is possible to copy the audio material from one track to another on the same tape within the XT20 without leaving the digital domain and without the need for any audio cables. If your application is extremely critical, it is possible to record at bit resolution on your ADAT-XT20 using external adapters i. Page 31 Chapter 2: Got it, continue to print.

Achieving Lock76 Chapter 5: The tape fast forwards at about 3 times normal play speed, and you can hear chunks of attenuated audio so you know where you are on the tape.

Mutes are often automated as part of mixer automation systems. Does the error come back? This is useful when you want to precisely punch in to a specific place on one or more tracks.

Auto recording stops and starts recording automatically at predetermined times. You can use ST tapes, for over one full hour of recording time. XT20 if any equipment will be mounted directly below it. If you need one track to play back earlier than the others, try offsetting all other tracks by the same amount.


For more information, see page Remote meter display for the m20 professional sdat digital recording system 9 pages. Page 35 Chapter 3: Page 42 To connect the digital optical network: ECORD The Auto Record function lets you determine exactly where recording should begin and end beforehand, so that the machine automatically takes you in and out of record.

Alesis ADAT-XT20 Reference Manual

Page 53 Chapter 4: A common application in the audio post-production environment is locking to video using the timecode on the video tape as a source. If this error message is displayed with only one tape the cassette may be at fault.

These cables are available in various lengths from your dealer and should be Alesis-approved; improper cables such as those used for computers may not function correctly.

Input Monitor Chapter 4: Recording A “benchmark” Tape Xh20 4: The counter will now read: Page 77 Chapter 4: Master Format Disabled Chapter 5: This may cause some confusion when locating to a specific position on the BRC, since the XT20 will show a slightly different value when looking at the last two digits of the TIME counter.

This way, you partner can pick up right where you left off.

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Page 21 Chapter 2: Tape a note to the top of the unit describing the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you if necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned. Press [PLAY] to engage playback.

Editing Individual Digits Chapter 4: S T O P Stops transport and disables recording. Page Operating Temperature: A function whereby the transport automatically begins to rewind once reaching a certain point, and returns to an earlier point. When recording for the first time, be sure the Auto Input function is off.


Alesis XT20 ADAT Type II / 2 20-bit Digital Audio Recorder – Only 9 Head Hours

Naturally, the audio signals would need to be split and connected to both sets of inputs. Each time thereafter that you locate beyond this point, the transport will not slow adt. The digital representation of the data as stored on tape was therefore inverted relative to the analog input i.

Page 48 Basic Operations: Applications – out of the mix itself. If this message appears in the midst of normal operation daat than once in every ten hours of operation, perform the automatic brake calibration see “Automatic Brake Calibration Procedure”, next page. This means you can set a Locate at one point, another Locate at another position, then have one of the slave ADATs offset by the amount of time between those two Locate positions.

Connections In 8 Additional grounds: If the tape is moving, it xh20 stop before ejecting. Page 67 Chapter 4: In 4-input mode, inputs are similarly disconnected. Auto Record ECORD The Auto Record function lets you determine exactly where recording should begin and afat beforehand, so that the machine automatically takes you in and out of record.

No user adjustment is necessary. This override will automatically be deactivated when you eject a tape, or turn the power off.

If the problem does not occur, and the tape works fine, then we need to look at your XT Digital Input Chapter 4: Don’t have an account? Page Perform the automatic brake calibration see below.