Acremonium strictum has been found on many saprotrophic fungi, several plant- pathogenic fungi (Gams ), and on the mycoparasite Mycogone perniciosa. We present a case of a fungal peritonitis caused by Acremonium strictum in patient undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). The most common species in indoor environment are Acremonium strictum and A . charticola. Acremonium strictum is commonly encountered in.

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Specimen record 5. A few species are widely used for producing pharmaceuticals. Facultative or heterotypic synonyms: This evidence suggests that A.

For example, it can be used for the continuous removal of Mn II from Mn II contaminated water without the need for any additives other than dissolved oxygen.

The cure rate with fluconazole therapy alone without catheter removal was 9. Acremonium strictumopportunistic fungal infectionperitonitis. The most acremoium species in indoor environment are Acremonium strictum and A. Physical examination revealed eudema in the pretibial region.

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The genus Acremonium previously known as Cephalosporium is a large and cosmopolitan group of filamentous Ascomycete fungi containing approximately different species that are largely saprophytes, living off of dead or decaying organic matter and contributing to the cycling of carbon in the environment. A few cases of Acremonium spp. Specimen record 6. No other cookies than the ones mentioned above are used on our websites. The patient’s primary diagnosis was hypertensive nephropathy of eight years duration and she had been treated by CAPD for five years.


Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. In Maclura cochinchinensisAcremonium strictum acts as an endophytic fungi that infects primarily the leaves of the plant. Anthracnose can affect all plant tissues, and appears as irregular and black leaf spot, flower blight, and fruit and crown rot, which results in serious losses in plant and fruit production. The following two tabs change content below. In the last few years there has been an increase in mycoses caused by opportunistic fungal pathogens 6.

Many of these compounds are metabolites of ginsenoside Rb 1 in mammals, suggesting that fermentation of ginsenoside Rb 1 in A. Species of the genus Acremonium are widespread soil saprophytes which on rare occasions can be opportunistic pathogens in immunosuppressed individuals 7— This free page report was written to provide you with the information we’ve learned after decades of analysis and interpretation.

It would be agriculturally significant to identify biological control agents for this fungus. Latest posts by Dr Jackson Kung’u see all. Sorghum and Millets Diseases. Wood and Fiber Science. Abdominal pain was the main complaint of the patient.

However, infection with Acremonium has been described in immunocompromised patients. Human infections of Acremonium strictum are very rare, and usually develop after traumatic inoculation of the fungus.

Acremonium May 17, by Dr Jackson Kung’u.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Acremonium strictum

This fungus was identified as Acremonium spp. Acremonium strictum is pathogenic to many monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous aacremonium, causing leaf desiccation on one side of the midrib of these plants, plant wilt and abnormal, discoloured vasculature of the stalk near the soil line. Staphylococcus aureus was recovered from the nasal specimens. The authors suggested amphotericin B therapy for fungal infections of dialysis fistulae.


Register new name species, genus, family, etc Register new type specimen of existing taxa epitype, neotype, shrictum.

Gams Summerbell, Studies in Mycology Crops affected by A. Disseminated Ochroconis gallopavum infection in a renal transplant recipient: Matches exactly Value is undefined. They concluded that oral fluconazole can be safely used as initial therapy in patients with fungal peritonitis complicating CAPD.

They successfully treated the patient with amphotericin B, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor G-CSF and surgical drainage. They reported that the infections were rapidly fatal despite neutrophil recovery and early antifungal combination therapy with amphotericin B and caspofungin. If you would acremnoium to know more about cookies and how they work, please visit www.

Encyclopedia of Life EOL. This is used when first reloading the page. Specimen record 8. Peritonitis is a frequent complication in patients with chronic renal failure on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis CAPD treatment.

Isolation and identification of Acremonium spp.