From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a diverse cast of enemies and allies essential for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. There are . How much difference is there between the 3E and the E Monster Manuals? I’m not running the game, so I don’t need the exact information. Version of the Monster Manual updates the statistics of the monsters you use (or encounter) in your D&D game. Take a look at the.

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If you would like help fleshing out not-yet-complete content, please use the official Discord or the Arcana Forge post at the top of the subreddit. It doesn’t have to be perfect or balanced but it must be complete enough that it can be used as is. Add tags Tags separate by space: Hiveforge Golem; Forgespark Swarm.

Monster Manual (D&D e) | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Art citations must include the name of the original artist or current copyright holder e. Template; sample skeletons include a kobold, a human commoner, a troglodyte, a bugbear, an ogre, a minotaur, a wyvern, an umber hulk, and a gray render. Includes a description of the troll hunter, a troll 6th-level ranger. Resources Brewer’s Supplies — resources you can use to create or style homebrew Discord – the official UnearthedArcana Discord.


First Watch Dragon Issue – Oct Avoid using an excessively long or redundant title e. Horned Devilbut higher CR. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Please help improve this article by adding citations 33.5e reliable sources. Bebilithsbig demon-spiders. In Chapter 8, statistics are given for new monsters, on pages — Learn More I supported because… “chk chk chk chk sssssssssaaaaaa!

Be respectful of other users. You can help by adding to it. I also forgot to update the save DC monter that one. Even if you just think “That’s not how I would have updated that monster!

Monster Manual (3.5e)

Described are the brine swimmer, giant ant lion, and giant termite worker termite, soldier termite, and queen termite. Link to blogs and nonster like are allowed, as long as the content is free.

This page was last edited on maual Novemberat The revised Monster Manual now contains an adjusted layout that makes monster statistics easier to understand and use. Described are the tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous centipede.

Hound Archonszoomorphic dog-angels. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. Look at this guide to learn the why and how. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Chaos Beastsan amorphous mass that can turn you into an amorphous mass too! This can only lead to a better community, and ultimately, better brews. Described are the shrieker and violet fungus. Includes a description of the golden protector, 35e lammasu with the celestial template and the half-dragon template.


Described are the lantern archon, hound archon, and trumpet archon. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Lantern Monstrcelestials with a trumpet that can turn into a greatsword.

Wizards of the Coast. Described are the cloud giant, fire giant, frost giant, hill giant, stone giant, and storm giant.

Repeat or extreme offenders will be banned. You’ve copied the Nalfeshnee name into the Vrock’s trait. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid minster flayer Lich.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Digestersweird monsters that shoot acid at stuff. Encounter a horde of monsters armed and ready to battle your boldest heroes or fight alongside them.

Monster ManualBook of Vile Darkness.