The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 2SC is a silicon NPN transistor, manufactured by the epitaxial planar process, designed for general purpose amplifier. 2SC 1. TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process). 2SC Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier Applications. The 2SC is manufactured in a plastic TO case. When looking at the flat side with the leads pointed downward, the three leads emerging from the.

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Sunamura san has referred to their being readily available at reasonable prices in some of his writings, and thus the reason for them appearing frequently in his homebrew projects. As to the process for the 2n Other devices of the era are the 2sc, 2sc and 2sc all good and easily found in salvaged equipment. On Thu, 25 Aug As to the 2SC, I do have a good quantity of them and it is a very good and useful device.

Add to Wish List. I also have databooks for most major makers of transistors as well as a detailed on line data sheet archive. This is not temperature compensation. The inherent stability and 2sx1815 the reproducability of the BITX is due to the fact that transistor types dont matter much, and the negative feedback assures 2sc18115 the individual stages dont self-oscillate. This gave lower capacitance and noise than usuall transistor technology.


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(PDF) 2SC1815 Datasheet download

What it achieves is to find a point where the transistors internal heating due to feedback and junction heating is minimal or at least stable. Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. However hard they tried my opinion they were marginal where performance was concerned. You May Also Like. Qty Add to Cart. Valid for 1 year. It only one of many I chose from for various projects. New Ic 2scgr Mosfet Transistor 2scgr.

Electronic semiconductors IC chip 2SC The second pf capacitor from emitter to ground collector is at RF ground due to the. 2scc1815 and share an experience with other student makers from Malaysia and Singapore.

Contact For Free Shipping. New 2scgr Transistor 2scgr Mosfet 2scgr. There will still be drift from warming or cooling of other components.

Allison toggle quoted message. No questions have been asked about this transjstor. Coin Acceptor -Programmable 6 Coins. Transistor 2sc 2sc Transistor 2sc To Also comon base ft is several times bigger than comon emiter circuit in the contrarry with comon colector design. PCT process is newer than used for 2n Male to Female Jumper Wire. No shipping charges on all of your order. Your email is included with s2c1815 abuse report.

In such cases as BITX20, there are just two really important parameters to be considered: There is such a thing as the 2nA and the process is epitaxial planar which over time evoled and also produces very good devices good to GhZ range.


I have an unusually good selection of new devices as I used to provide service in commercial transisor for a variety of electronic gear. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of BITX20 groups. Normally will take working days. Finally we transistkr this male to female jumpers as many of you have requested!

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Sample Order Free samples Paid samples. The 2SC is a good device but it’s Ft is only 80mhz. M18 Inductive Proximity Sensor. JF1OZL in most of the constructions even on 50mhz is using this type of trasistor.

Transistor 2SC – Cytron Technologies

Total Reviews 1 click here write review to add review for this product. Comonly used universal transistor in most of the stages is 2sc, hitachi, transsistor ft around mhz.

There is also several wats output video amplifier transistors 2s by sanyo ft mhz 2,7 pf capacitance 8w. The 2n is a mhz Ft with mw power dissipation and can switch ma. Most BJT devices can be used in common grounded base circuits as the Alpha cutoff is much higher. Your shopping cart is empty! High Quality 2sc Electronic Components Transistor.