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x. Report 22 TCN (Xu ly dat yeu bang bac tham).pdf Documents · 22 TCN 22 TCN Cat gia co xi mang – TCN Pham vi. 2, Direction Sign on Expressway, 22TCN 30, Design and Handling Design Process on weak ground with absorbing rush, 22 TCN 22TCN 7. Standard for soft soil treatment design with PVD. 22TCN – 8. Geo-textiles in construction of embankment on soft soil.

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Requirements and specifications for settlement calculation II. Determination of stress at 22txn The rods are made by steel. In case of arranging the instruments in soft soil.

Embankment materials shall be good water-reserving ones such as sand. Prior – Viability researching report was approved by Minister in May, Page 27 of As S is unknown.

Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway Stage 1 – Implementing project

Consolidated water from buffering sand layer through 2444-98 filtering layer need to be drained quickly out of the area adjacent sub-grade. Berm width on each side should exceed scope of the most dangerous displacement curve from m the most dangerous displacement curve shall be calculated in accordance with the method described in V.

All the piles are required strongly driving in the soft soil. G — Weight of one 244-98 the heaviest one. IV — 4b as follows: General Requirements for embankment structure on soft ground IV.

It is advised to use sand piles with mm diameter arranged alternatively with the interval equally to folds of sand pile diameter. For soft soil layers are located under underground water levels. Such method is an option that gains significant economic and technical efficiency.

When applying treatment method for embankment on soft soil that requires controlling embanking speed. Design standards on human-made lighting on 22tc, street, urban square.



Rules and procedures for selection of design alternatives IV. Abac to determine horizontal consolidation Uh by Th and n. With Su calculated according to V Calculation of stability and its correlative parameter V.

Testing data at site carried out by penetration or vane shear equipment is also processed towards calculation value mentioned in Article III. Page 24 of Vertical consolidated drainage method is normally adopted when soft soil layer is thick its thickness is excessive to width of embankment bottom and embankment ground is high. On sandy mud or fine sandy mud area normally.

Vehicle loads is considered as loads of maximum weight of vehicles that fully park at the same time in every 1m of highway length formula II Dimension of number used in the Figure is stated in m. To be base for proposal of design alternatives. Thickness of buffering sand layer at least shall be equal to the total settlement S stated in II. The system shall be arranged in accordance with the following regulations: For convenience of implementation of direct embankment on soft soil good conditions for traffic on soft soil and firm compaction of the first layer.

If extra soft soil area is discovered. D30 — grain size.

Rods and casing should be done by each section of cm for the convenience of connection to embankment height. For each proposed alternative.

D10 — grain diameter. If soft soil layer including soil layers with different Ch. To check elevation at the time of arranging settlement instruments and to measure settlement once a day in embanking and pre-loading. Sand used in sand piles shall satisfy the requirements defined in IV. Requirements on topographical survey III. Buffering sand layer shall be arranged between soft soil layer and embankment in order to increase consolidation drainage capacity under the soft soil layer upwards natural ground by effect of embankment 2449-8 capacity.


Qi — Weight of sliding piece i or sliding block i. Page 35 of In this specification, the soft ground determined in Section I. On grade I peat or soft and viscous soil area with peat thickness of less than m. Therefore, unless we do apply any measures, embankment on the soft ground shall lead to unstable wholly and deep settlement, the long duration settlement affects to the pavement, works on pavement and adjacent abutments. Requirements on monitoring of settlement forecast Besides forecast of settlement calculation mentioned in Article II.

22tnc survey for pile foundation design and construction.

[PDF] 22TCN _En, 22 TCN –

In calculation of 2444-98 captioned coefficient S, settlement loading consists of only designed embankment loading including berm embanking if anyexcluding pre-loading if any and does not examine vehicle loading.

Embankment of berm IV. Draw a bisector of an angle between the above horizontal line and tangential line through A. Geological exploratory works is carried out by boreholes which each borehole are normally arranged from 50m to m to each other in centerline including boreholes in the first stage.

If the soil is soft and thin. Uv — Vertical consolidation is determined as mentioned in Article VI.

Testing for determination of physio-mechanical properties of embankment soil and sand is carried out in accordance with equivalent standards mentioned in Article III.