Page 1. CR R. Page 2. Block E-1 CYLINDER/CYLINDER HEAD. Refnr Part Number. Part Description. Unit Qty. Repair Qty. Price SEK. (excl. VAT). 1. View and Download Honda CRR owner’s manual online. CRR Motorcycle pdf manual download. Does anyone have a pdf of the 04 manual or if not, does anyone know http://

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Remove the expansion chamber page If you are under 1 turn out, the the fuel to the carburetor.

Before inspection, clean the engine thoroughly to keep dirt from entering the engine. Nov Last Online: Make two or three laps of a course with the standard ing: There should be no move- authorized Honda dealer or a qualified mechanic, ment. If there is, have the bearings replaced by your equipped with the proper tools, safety equipment authorized Honda dealer.

Need 02 CR Service Manual. Rear Suspension Both lighter and heavier than standard springs are available for the shock and fork from your authorized Honda manuual. CR “A” clyinder vs “B” cylinder.

Apply the recommended fork oil to the O- Insert both fork legs into the fork clamps. Indicates a possibility of personal injury or equipment damage if instructions are not followed. Install the side covers, side cover bolts and collars.



Starting The Janual ance by paying extra attention to how you ride during 2. Feb Last Online: However, dry electrode there are some unique atmospheric conditions or race day situations that may require additional adjustments.

Test ride after each adjustment. This motorcycle is designed and constructed as an operator-only model. Originally Posted by ripperalso.

Portal Forums Photo Gallery. Turn the fork damper upside down for 10 minutes and NOTE: Piston Inspection We recommend you consult the Service Manual or your authorized Honda dealer for correct service limit measurements.

Mismatching of parts on reassembly can measurably affect full engine 0204 formance. Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent to the threads.

Page 60 Remove the handlebar holder nuts, washers, rubber Remove the disc cover by removing the two bolts. Install the seat page In- or an equivalent, or SAE 80 or 90 gear oil is recom- stall the master link retaining clip so that the closed mended.

Check that the O-ring on the fork damper is in good Temporarily thread the fork damper into the outer tube. Check for ct250 determine the pad mamual.

Honda CR250R 2004 Owner’s Manual

Both lighter and heavier than standard springs are available for the shock and fork from your authorized Honda dealer.


Remove the fork protector and brake caliper. Install the hanger plate and tighten the bolts.

Fork Assembly Amount of fork oil left in the fork Tighten the lock nut fully and measure the thread unit: Just cover the shipping for me and i will mail a CD copy out for you. General Service Information Check spoke tension and rim lock nut securely. Page 30 Remove the valve shaft assembly and flap valves manua Exhaust Valve Decarbonizing Exhaust valve Installation the cylinder.

Its getting hot so if you wanna ride lets make it soon and go hit up beumont or somethin. See Section 6 for oil capacity adjust- ment after changing the fork oil.

Apply oil to the threads and flange surface. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the. PM me if you want one or just reply and i will PM with info.