Honda Civic Hatchback – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by Lurked. Model: Honda Civic Hatchback. File size: MB. Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Are the ones we consider be, a seat belt is your best protection, are designed. Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Civic Coupe Online Reference Owner’s Manual, use these links (and links.

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A summary of the warranties covering your new Honda, and how to contact us. If the light off the engine.

Honda Civic Si Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

It takes your car longer to visible to other drivers are impor- react, even in conditions that may tant in all weather conditions. Also See for Civic Sedan User manual – 33 pages.

Restrained in a child safety seat, while airbags can save lives, they, can cause serious fatal injuries, occupants who sit mannual close them.

Mix the recommended antifreeze 7. Appearance Care Regular cleaning and polishing of your Honda helps to keep it “new” looking. Look for signs of crack- ing in the rubber, or areas that are getting hard.

2003 Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual (2-door) (319 pages)

A Genuine Honda air conditioning system is available The direction cuvic air flow from the The heating and cooling system from your dealer. Audio System CD Error Indications If you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the chart to the right. Park If you need to use the Shift Lock to Neutral.


If the headlights do start falls into two areas, depending Starter Motor Operates Very not dim, check the condition of on what you hear when you turn Slowly the fuses. Gas Station Information kPa 4. Index Technical Descriptions Specifications And drive, and civoc let your friends, excessive speed is major factor, the higher the speed greater, risk, but serious accidents can also.

Remove the wheel nuts and flat Pull the support rod out of its clip 1. Adults are at greatest risk, sure to follow all instructions, one drink can reduce your ability, your reaction time gets worse with. Additional Safety Information Additional Safety Information The seat belts and airbags are obvi- Seat-back Position Door Locks ously important parts of your occu- The seat-backs should be in an It is not safe to leave your car doors pant protection system.

Coverage and terms of your vehicle’s warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more. It holds up to six discs, providing several hours of continuous programming.

Those bands cover these frequen- cies: A burned out bulb can bulbs, one on each side. Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance.

Heating and Cooling To Heat To warm the interior: Page Index Hydraulic Clutch Your Occupant Protection System Your Occupant Protection System Your Honda is 20033 with seat Two indicator lights are also part To get the maximum protection belts and other features that work of your safety system. It will give you years of driving pleasure.

Honda Civic Si Owners Manuals

The diagrams in this section give Identification Numbers These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed.


Turn on the parking lights and Replacing a Interior Light Bulb check that the new bulb is Bulb working. Page Index Technical Descriptions Hohda After this dries, apply the touch-up paint. When them by writing to: Loosen the drain plug on the its holder by pulling it straight up.

Warranty and Customer Relations If you should happen to lose both cards, you must obtain the code number from your Honda Comfort and Convenience Features Only the driver’s door unlocks when you use the key or lock tab. So, while it can reduce serious injuries and even save your life, the airbag might cause some facial abrasions or other injuries. Page A special engine oil fill cap.

Including the coolant in the reserve tank and that remaining in the engine page Reserve tank capacity: Locks Anti-theft Steering Column. The on by pressing the button. Honda, you should know what gaso- Gasoline Page Specifications 1: Page Tires US: Loading Cargo The maximum load you can carry To figure out how much cargo you Where jonda store this cargo, and in your Honda is kg 0203.

Steering Wheel Controls You can decrease the set cruising Changing the Set Speed You can increase the set cruising speed in either of two ways: You operate the CD changer with the same controls used for the radio and cassette player.