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It’s now time to actually modify the notebook PSU. In this pagewe can see how to use a variable output power supply to identify the voltage divider. The image below is a real SMPS maintaining it’s output voltage. Now, suppose your output voltage keeps raising and reach 5. I connect the variable power supply to the power supply I want datwsheet modify and measure the voltage at the optocoupler.

Without load, voltage is stable??? As you want a specific voltage on the output low voltage sidethe feedback circuit tells the control circuit that the output voltage is below the desired voltage. All good, but the capacitor starts discharging over time, and so the output voltage starts to drop.

But how does this feedback circuit, which is the one we want to modify, actually works? View all 3 project logs. It was not that precise, but well, there it was.

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Just when it’s about to reach 18V 19V – 1Vthe voltage suddenly drops to 3V. Feedback circuit working like a charm.


This is the feedback circuit telling the control circuit to stop charging the output capacitor. You should Sign Up.

AIW Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

About Us Contact Hackaday. These steps keep repeating, maintaining the output voltage at the desired value. Wait at least one minute after disconnecting it from mains before handling it again while open. Almost every SMPS feedback circuit works by dividing the output voltage using a voltage dividerthen comparing the divided voltage with a reference voltage.

The only problem I could think was the current flowing to the comparator through the optocoupler, so I changed the old Ohms resistor to a 1kOhms resistor and tested the the circuit again. Over voltage protection could be a problem with this, but I have not figured out how to bypass it yet. That’s pretty close to the 2.

It’s done, now your power supply outputs the desired voltage. You would be comparing the half of 4. Modifying a notebook power supply Modification of a notebook power supply datasbeet output a desired voltage. Similar projects worth following. This finishes the explanation of how a SMPS works. There are two clear divisions on this circuit board, the rubber pads are even marking it, along with silkscreen and areas without components.

I have the same problem like David with modifying 20V Fujitsu Siemens laptop power brick.

AIW – STMicroelectronics – Hot Offers | Heisener Electronics

You want a 5V output voltage and have a 2. Testing pin 3 I’ve read 2. This will be explained in the next post. The comparator will notice that 2. Disconnected from the mains, put everything back into the case and tested again to make sure. The original values were 15kOhms for R40 and 2. Also, when I changed the voltage on the variable power supply, I could see the voltage on pin 2 changing according to it.


Your Email Remember me. I’ll try to show in a very simplified way how a switch mode power supply works and how to change the feedback circuit so the power supply outputs the voltage you want. Consider the output voltage at 19V and calculate the divider, you get around 2. Some undervoltage protection, or???

The idea behind it is modifying a 19V 65W notebook power supply to output 24V. As the current flows into the capacitor, the output voltage starts to rise. If we compare this voltage divider to the one at the previous post, R40 is R1 and R41 is R2. A simple variable power supply based on the LM Let’s use a R2 as 1kOhm and calculate R1 to make our voltage divider.

The control circuit then closes the switch, allowing current to flow from the high voltage side to the low voltage side. I’ve already identified the main parts on the feedback circuit. The comparator will now tell the control circuit to stop charging the capacitor.